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American McLaughlin set an unreal world record at the 2022 World Championships in athletics, details, results


American McLaughlin ran a hurdles lap with unrealistic time! some kind of fantasy

Andrey Shitikhin

The 22-year-old athlete set the fourth world record in a year. How is this even possible?

In the women’s 400m hurdles final at the World Championships in Athletics in Eugene, USA, an absolutely fantastic, but simply unrealistic result was shown. 22-year-old American Sydney McLaughlin ran the distance in 50.68 seconds. She became the first athlete in history to cover the distance faster than 51 s.

McLaughlin set a world record that is comparable to the achievements of the legendary Florence Griffith-Joyner from the distant past.

Four records in one year

McLaughlin has set her fourth world record in the past year!

  • June 27, 2021. National selection for the Tokyo Olympics, Eugene. 51.90s – McLaughlin becomes the first track and field athlete in history to run out of 52s.
  • August 4, 2021. Olympic Games – 2020, Tokyo. 51.46 s – again a world record.
  • June 25, 2022. National selection for the 2022 World Cup, Eugene. 51.41 s – does this girl have any limits at all?
  • July 22, 2022. World Championship, Eugene. 50.68 s is just some kind of fantasy!

Sidney McLaughlin with $100,000 check for world record

Photo: Carmen Mandato / Getty Images

Sydney McLaughlin broke through the barrier of 51 seconds, which a year ago seemed insurmountable in the foreseeable future. How is this even possible? The 22-year-old athlete proved that everything is real.

In the final race of the World Championships, she set such speed from the start that her rivals in motion simply watched the historic achievement of the American superstar.

The Dutchwoman Femke Bol, who took the second place, lost more than one and a half seconds in the circle, and the former world record holder, who became the third, Delilah Muhammad, fell behind by 2.5 seconds!

The best performance in the history of women’s athletics?

In athletics, there is a special table that allows you to compare performances in different disciplines using a special formula. The result in a particular discipline is entered – the output is the number of points.
So, the result of McLaughlin is the second in the history of women’s athletics, if you take at least a sprint, at least a marathon, at least pole vault, in length or height.

50.68 s – 1312 points.

Above was only the legendary Florence Griffith-Joyner. The mysterious American ran the 100 meters at the 1988 Seoul Olympics in 10.49 seconds, which corresponds to 1314 points. Her record still stands to this day. Moreover, no one came close to him.

Florence Griffith-Joyner at the Seoul Olympics

Photo: RIA Novosti

For comparison, Elena Isinbaeva’s world record in the 5.06 m pole vault corresponds to 1289 points, and Stefka Kostadinova’s record in the 2.09 m high jump is 1308 points.

In simple words, McLaughlin ran the barrier circle just at an incredible level. Perhaps Sidney will be the first to run out of 50s. Before her, the world record belonged to Muhammad and was equal to 52.16 s.

Julia Pechenkina

Photo: RIA Novosti

By the way, in this discipline of athletics, Russia had its own world record holder. On August 8, 2003, in Tula, Yulia Pechenkina flashed in 52.34 seconds. The record of the Russian hurdler stood for almost 16 years.


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