My name is Tatyana, and now I work as a fitness trainer and organize fitness marathons. Now my weight is 53 kg with a height of 162 cm. At the moment, I help girls and guys lose weight, bring their bodies into beautiful shape – not just for the summer, but so that it can be applied in life. But it was not always so.

Tatyana Stukovnina

Tatyana Stukovnina

fitness trainer

She tells how she was able to lose weight and become a fitness trainer.

It all started with a simple argument

All my life I was a plump girl, and in my school years I had a lot of complexes. When I was 27 years old, I found out that in my school after 10 years there will be an anniversary meeting of classmates. Like many girls, I decided to lose weight for the event, but I only had seven days to do so. My ex-husband, who at that time had been in fitness for a long time, offered to help me in preparation.

Photo: From the personal archive of Tatyana Stukovnina

We argued that if I could get rid of six centimeters in the abdomen, then we would go on vacation. And if not, he will shave me bald.

For me it was a very cool motivation. I started going to the gym, doing cardio and strength training. And, of course, I had to change the diet. As a result, in a week I managed to get rid of only five centimeters, just a little bit was not enough.

I was very upset then, because I was aiming for more. My husband reassured me and said: “What are you? Good job. Everything’s OK”. So, despite the obvious loss in the dispute, my hairstyle has not changed.

Photo: From the personal archive of Tatyana Stukovnina

I went to a meeting of classmates, and after that I decided not to stop there and continue what I started. Sticking to the same plan as the last seven days. After 2.5 months, the result was already very noticeable.

Since our city is small, people found out about me, began to write, met and said: “Tanya, how did you do it?”

I thought, why not start helping people? There was an idea to gather girls and train them. I managed to recruit five girls, with whom I did everything the same as with myself. For a month of our general training, they lost weight well and pulled themselves up. We even arranged a kind of graduation – a photo shoot to celebrate the success.

Photo: From the personal archive of Tatyana Stukovnina

Years later, as a coach, I began to launch larger projects, and now they have gained momentum.

Arguing is the best motivation for me

I must say that I used to go to the gym. More precisely, then she went, then she did not go. She ate as she wanted, she could eat up, so there was no result. The dispute became a kind of kick and motivation. I’m just such a person – it’s easier for me to argue, and then I will definitely do it. When there is responsibility to someone, for me it is 100% motivation.

There was no pressure on me from friends and relatives

Perhaps if my environment was “thin”, it could be. But my mother is full, my own sister was also like that, my mother’s sister too. My cousin… guess what?

It’s not a genetic predisposition, it’s the diet.

If you look into the parent’s refrigerator, you can find different types of mayonnaise and sausages there. By the way, girlfriends were also mostly overweight at that time.

It’s good to have knowledgeable people helping you.

By the time “my new life” began, I did not prepare in any way and did not collect additional information. My ex-husband has been in sports for a long time, one might say, a jock.

Photo: From the personal archive of Tatyana Stukovnina

He gave me specific tasks and clearly told me what to do. He told me how to do cardio, how to perform this or that exercise in order to sweat as much as possible. He advised me during strength training and supervised the nutrition process.

There were moments of crisis when I wanted to quit everything

When I was losing weight, this was not the case, because I had a crazy motivation.

Simultaneously with training, I went to business training, where everyone told me: “Your eyes light up when you talk about fitness. You need to go there.” And then I decided to immerse myself in all this even more, went into training as a fitness instructor and organizer of marathons. And after a while I also decided to perform professionally in a fitness bikini.

Photo: From the personal archive of Tatyana Stukovnina

When you prepare for competitions, you are very disciplined. You basically do not care who and what is eating in front of you, pizza or dumplings, for example. The most brutal begins at the moment when the competition is over.

You understand that everything is possible now. You start eating and it’s hard to stop.

After the performance, of course, there were crises. During rest, you start to eat up, the body is on hypercompensation when you quickly gain weight. You can add 10 kilograms very quickly and not even notice.

I worked psychologically for a very long time on such “episodes”. I went through marathons and trainings to understand myself better. For more than a year I have been in balance, and there are no crises.

3 whales of new life

Nutrition is the first whale. If you want to lose weight, you need a calorie deficit. For example, you calculated that your norm is 1600 kcal per day. Accordingly, we make a 100-200 kcal deficit, and that’s it – we lose weight on this.

Nutrition 100% must be disciplined.

The second whale is training. It doesn’t matter what you choose. If you enjoy cardio – let it be cardio, from yoga – respectively, yoga.

You need to find that workout, from which there will definitely be a buzz, otherwise what’s the point of going to train if it’s a burden.

I am more for the gym, because in terms of building a beautiful body, the gym is the best, but I never insist. If a person walks 10-15 thousand steps a day, this is also training and better than nothing.

The third whale is motivation, which is achieved through the environment and inner work.

How to do cardio to lose weight?
How to do cardio to lose weight?

I can afford to eat the way I want

Now I try to stick to proper nutrition, but not as seriously as during the period of working with a coach and preparing for competitions, because there is a constant calculation of BJU (proteins, fats, carbohydrates). Usually I sent a photo of what I eat to the coach every day.

I have the same calorie content and the same BJU, which we sometimes change, depending on the necessary sports analyzes. This is such a more serious approach than just training. Now I understand how much I eat, and if I want to eat dumplings with butter, then I will eat, and then I will return to my normal diet.

Photo: From the personal archive of Tatyana Stukovnina

I went to this for a very long time.

I used to have a “swing”, I either overeat, or vice versa – I was on a strict diet. Now, for a year now, I have come to the conclusion that I can afford to eat the way I want. Go through the daily calorie, but then come back and continue to eat the right food.

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