There are also games in which they should be praised. Expertise of Igor Fedotov.

In the 26th round, there were enough controversial referee decisions. “Wings of the Soviets” expressed dissatisfaction with the work of the brigade of Alexei Matyunin, “Spartak” – with the actions of Vitaly Meshkov. Zarema Salikhova was especially bright on the referee. The “Championship” expert Igor Fedotov analyzed the work of the judges and explained what mistakes they made. Him and the word.

“Ural” – “Ufa” – 2:1
Ivanov worked in the field, Bezborodov worked at VAR. At the 13th minute, a yellow card was incorrectly shown to Mishkic. He knocked out the ball, the Ufa football player tried to engage in combat. Mishkic looked at the ball, tried to put his foot on the lawn. There was an attack. There were no reckless actions or aggression on the part of the Ural player. Ivanov also showed yellow for rough play, with which I do not agree.

At the 54th minute, at the touchline, Podberyozkin, in a fight with a Ufa player, hit his opponent in the face with his forearm. Bezborodov, who is on VAR, called Ivanov to look at the moment the red card was not shown. The referee looked and showed yellow. With which I also disagree. The correct decision is a red card. Then, in the 69th minute, it was necessary to show the yellow player of Ufa for a reckless foul – he did not have time to play the ball, he hit the Ural football player with a straight leg on the ankle. Ivanov appointed only a free kick. Arbiter’s score – 7.2.

Best goal of the month? Bikfalvi’s super-hit helped Ural push off the bottom of the table
Best goal of the month? Bikfalvi’s super-hit helped Ural push off the bottom of the table
Lokomotiv – Nizhny Novgorod – 2:1
Turbin worked at the match, Kukuyan worked at VAR. At the 18th minute, Sharipov was not shown a yellow card, who did not have time to play the ball, knocking down the Lokomotiv player. Then, in the 30th minute, Zhivoglyadov made a light grab for the T-shirt, then let go. The Nizhny Novgorod player at that time ran across the ball line, turned in the opposite direction from the goal. The referee showed a yellow card to Zhivoglyadov. It should have just been a free kick.

Should have shown a yellow card in the 41st minute Gotsuku for using elbows in the fight for the ball. Turbin continued the game, did not even give a free kick. At the 69th minute, Lokomotiv attacked, the ball went away, the referee showed a yellow card to Berkovsky. Kukuyan intervened, inviting Turbin to look at the moment of not showing the red for stepping on the shin. Next, the referee showed a red card, with which I also do not agree. Absolutely playful episode. The Nizhny Novgorod player made a technical move, handling the ball, turned his back to the Lokomotiv player. Following Berkovsky did not see the opponent’s player, he tried to put his foot on the lawn. No aggressive actions, no serious violations of the rules by Berkovsky. You could get away with a yellow card. Turbine rating – 7.7.

“The judge said that’s how he sees it.” Very strange removal in the RPL match
“The judge said that’s how he sees it.” Very strange removal in the RPL match
Sochi – Akhmat – 3:2
Good work demonstrated Levnikov. Everything is stable, one of the best works in this tour. Score – 8.4.

Rubin – Arsenal – 1:0
Chistyakov also showed good work. But there are two unshown yellow cards. In the sixth minute, the Rubin player was late for the opponent, trying to play the ball, knocked him down in a reckless manner. Then the ball was picked up by Arsenal players, a very good attack would have gone. The whistle sounded, Chistyakov did not give the principle of advantage, fixing the violation of the rules. Then it was necessary to get out of the situation very simply: if you don’t give the principle of advantage, show a yellow card.

There are questions to the first assistant and to the chief referee for the episode at the eighth minute. Smolnikov strove for the ball, trying to play with his head in a jump. The ball hit the shoulder, at that moment the football player of Rubin drove with his high leg on the shoulder. Smolnikov “drawn” that he was hit in the face, but the ball bounced into the open area. This is a violation of the rules, which should be recorded. It was necessary to show a yellow card to the Rubin player. Chistyakov’s score is 8.2.

Khimki – Krylya Sovetov – 4:1
Matyunin worked in the field. In the 42nd minute, a penalty kick was awarded to the Wings after watching VAR. A second yellow card was also shown to Yakube. I do not agree with the penalty kick. Yes, there was a seizure, but it was of a short-term nature. When the Wings player let go of the T-shirt, Tikhiy could still calmly stand on his feet, but he collapsed. Shadykhanov called to watch this episode, Matyunin appointed a penalty. Harsh, you could do without the yellow. In general, for me this is not a penalty kick.

Next in the 50th minute was a corner kick into the Krylya Sovetov penalty area. The ball flew to the far post, Mirzov grabbed the opponent’s player by the hand and pulled him towards himself. A goal is scored with the next touch, VAR in the person of Shadykhanov did not get into the episode. The correct decision is a free kick and cancel the goal.

The right decision in the 59th minute was to show a direct red card through VAR to Bale. Matyunin was not in a very good position, but VAR intervened. On the replay, it can be seen that the Krylia player jumped with a straight leg with open spikes, hitting the calf of the Khimki football player. The referee’s score is 7.3.

If you look in full what Matyunin did in this game, then there are a lot of questions. Some moments when they fouled against the “Wings”, he missed. You saw a foul and a penalty kick for an ephemeral shirt touch, but you didn’t see a wrong goal scored. Or you can’t hold T-shirts, but you can grab hands?

Rostov – Spartak – 3:2
In the 52nd minute, the Rostov footballer played with his head into the ball, which hit Ignatov’s outstretched hand. This is a violation of the rules. Next came the attack phase. Then the ball was picked up by the Spartak players, a full-fledged attack went on, and a goal was scored with the third touch. Less than 10 seconds elapsed from handball to goal. Handball was considered an offensive offense. The attack phase was the same. Therefore, the goal of Spartak is canceled correctly.

Penalty against Spartak in the 71st minute is simply no. If at the 20th minute there was a simulation from the side of the Rostov player, and there is also contact there, then the same thing happens here. This is not a penalty kick against Spartak, but some kind of nonsense! Poloz simply “painted” the fall, he did not continue to move. How is it different from what happened in the 20th minute? What did Meshkov see on repeat? And this person is still teaching young arbitrators. Judging by the words of Khachaturyants, judges’ heads will now fly. As for the penalty kick against Spartak in the 93rd minute, Gigot really fouled, so the penalty kick against the red-and-whites in the end was correctly appointed. He apparently wanted to show that he would foul, but did not have time to remove his foot. Here Meshkov understood. Score – 7.8.

CSKA – Dynamo – 1:0
Good job Karasev. Everything is exactly as it should be. Score – 8.4.

Krasnodar – Zenit – 1:3
Good job, Kukulyak gave a lot of fights, the teams accepted this fight. All the yellow ones were on business, I started distributing them late. The referee did not have any difficult moments – neither from penalties nor from deletions. His score is 8.3 because he missed fouls.


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