Ancelotti admits ending coaching career after leaving Real Madrid

Ancelotti: After working at Real Madrid, I’ll probably retire.

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has said he could end his career after working for the Spanish football team.
Real Madrid thrashed Espanyol 4-0 on Saturday to win the 35th Spanish league title. Ancelotti has won league titles as head coach in the top five European leagues.

“After Real Madrid, I will probably retire. If the club wants me to be here for ten years, then I will coach for ten years. But then I would like to spend time with my grandchildren, go on vacation with my wife. A lot of things have to I have never been to Australia, I have never been to Rio de Janeiro I wish I could visit my sister more often Unfortunately I can’t do that now When I retire I will do everything these cases,” Ancelotti quotes Mundo Deportivo with reference to Prime Video.

Under the guidance of an Italian specialist, the champions of their countries became: Milan (Italy, season 2003/04), Chelsea (England, 2009/10), Paris Saint-Germain (France, 2012/13), Bayern (Germany, 2016/17), Real Madrid (Spain, 2021/22). He also won the Champions League three times.

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