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Anil Kumble’s Pakistani team used to feel scared

Former India captain Anil Kumble is one of the finest spinners in the world. He is the third bowler to have taken the most wickets in a Test. He took 619 wickets in 132 Tests. He has 337 wickets in ODIs.

Anil Kumble
Anil Kumble

Kumble took all 10 wickets in an innings of the Delhi Test against Pakistan in 1999. Former Pakistan spinner Saqlain Mushtaq has described Kumble as the most dangerous spinner.

According to him, the former Indian captain was able to succeed on any wicket.

Mushtaq said, “Kumble has been a very tough opposition. The night’s sleep. Especially when Pakistan has played a match against India, everyone has talked about Kumble for 10 minutes. The batsman always used to say that if you solved Kumble then your form was solved. If caught it, then caught India. Used to cause trouble Slow and Low was the most dangerous on the pitch. The spinner likes to turn and bounce. They were dangerous here. The 10 wickets he took in an innings was slow and low track. I also played that match. He took 5-5 wickets in both innings. “

Mushtaq added, “It takes a lot to bowl on the slow and low track. Kumble was the most dangerous on such pitches. Shane Warne and Muralitharan also faced problems here. I also had to face many difficulties. If you want to catch any spinner, make a slow and low track, but Kumble did not have problems. He did not make the ball turn much, but he did turn the entire match. His movement was like a fast bowler.”

The Pakistani spinner further said, “He was a very minded cricketer. Were good people. He knew that cricket is a game, but humanity is also something. I was facing difficulties due to glasses. I asked him – Anil Bhaiya, I cannot find any good eye doctor. Then they helped me. He gave the doctor’s number and address.”

Saqlain claimed 208 wickets in 49 Tests. He took 288 wickets in 169 ODIs.

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