Total degradation of Antoine Griezmann. It is difficult to fall so low even on purpose

Mikhail Georgiev

Mikhail Georgiev

Antoine Griezmann totally degraded

Barcelona should be glad that Atlético are not going to bring the Frenchman back to Catalonia this summer.

Antoine Griezmann has not scored for the 23rd consecutive game in all competitions. The forward of the French national team and Atlético was left without goals in the League of Nations match with Croatia (0:1). In total, in 2022, the 31-year-old player played 24 matches for Atlético and the national team. And he was marked only by the goal of the club of the third division “Rayo Majadahonda” (5: 0) in the Spanish Cup in January.

“Obviously, Griezmann is not in the best shape. This can be seen both in his individual performance and in the dynamics of the team’s game, ”said France head coach Didier Deschamps.

Griezmann in the French national team

Griezmann in the French national team

Photo: Jurij Kodrun/Getty Images

Without exaggeration, the Griezmann series is a disgrace. And the fact that Antoine caught up with the legendary Zinedine Zidane in terms of the number of matches for the national team (108) does not in any way cover this fact. There is a total degradation of a football player – it is difficult to fall so low even on purpose.

Griezmann is one of the most famous strikers in the world. He is obliged to somehow “push” at least a couple of goals in La Liga even against the backdrop of a crisis period. And not be limited to just a meaningless goal during the removal of a representative of the lower division in the Spanish Cup. No one blames Antoine for intentional regression, but motivation and reduced demands on himself are obvious problems for the eminent striker, in addition to bad form.

Real Madrid went crazy.  The failure of the transfer of Mbappe played a cruel joke with the
Real Madrid went crazy. The failure of the transfer of Mbappe played a cruel joke with the “Royal Club”

How did Griezmann get to this point?

Back in 2019, Griezmann was considered a real contender for the Golden Ball. The Frenchman was at the peak of his career. In five years at Atlético, he scored 94 goals in 180 matches and moved to Barcelona. Unfortunately, the transfer happened at a very unfortunate period for the Catalan club. Antoine seemed to have contracted the virus of homeliness at Barça and still cannot recover.

Griezmann returned to Atlético last summer on loan. He hoped to restart his career in Diego Simeone’s team, where he made a name for himself. The player took a very significant pay cut. In Barcelona, ​​Antoine earned € 35 million per year, in Madrid he received € 18 million per season. Even this truncated amount did not work at all. Three goals in La Liga, all scored in 2021. After the New Year, Griezmann completely died down.

What’s next?

The former glory still plays into the hands of Antoine. Griezmann was signed by Atlético for a year. At the same time, the lease can be extended for another season with the subsequent right to buy for € 40 million. In a good way, the Rojiblancos should part with the Frenchman purely for reasons of pragmatism. The football player has ceased to be effective, takes up a lot of space in the payroll, the ransom costs a lot of money. However, Atlético’s leadership is ready to show enviable faith in the player. Club president Enrique Cerezo said the 31-year-old striker would remain with the team.

“For me, Griezmann is one of the top three or four best players in the world. He is an Atlético player, he has a contract, so he will stay,” Cerezo said.

Luis Suarez was treated boorishly.  So much meanness was hard to expect
Luis Suarez was treated boorishly. So much meanness was hard to expect

Cerezo made the announcement in mid-May. There is still time to think, but it seems that no one is going to reconsider the decision. Atlético have made it clear that they see Griezmann as a player for the team next season. Unlike Luis Suarez, who also did not shine, but still showed himself better than Antoine. Immediately after Griezmann’s unsuccessful game for the national team in the Nations League, the “matrices” presented the kit for the next season. Antoine is one of the players who posed for the photo. The other two are Jan Oblak and Renan Lodi.

Atlético at the kit presentation

Atlético at the kit presentation


Barça should be happy

It seems that Barcelona can breathe a sigh of relief. The return of Griezmann now could be a disaster for the Blaugrana. An inefficient Antoine needs to be paid a huge salary. The transfer of Robert Lewandowski from Bayern would be a big question. The transition of the Pole is already on the verge of failure due to the financial problems of Barca. On top of that, Griezmann and Lewandowski on the same team right now is a very bad idea. At least in terms of compatibility.

Barcelona is falling apart.  The strange moves of the club pour in an endless stream
Barcelona is falling apart. The strange moves of the club pour in an endless stream

Atlético’s position may look stupid, but predicting the future is a thankless task. Perhaps Antoine is currently lacking the faith of others in his abilities. Forward of the French national team and Real Madrid Karim Benzema has already supported Griezmann.

Karim Benzema

Karim Benzema

French striker

“All great players have had periods like this: Zidane, Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo. We’re not going to point fingers at the player. Everything will be fine, he will score. He needs to keep helping the team.”

Comparing Griezmann to Zidane, Ronaldo and Cristiano is too flattering. And it’s hard to remember the absolutely disastrous series with one goal in six months for these legendary football players. Nevertheless, Atletico continue to rely on Griezmann. In the current gloomy situation for Antoine, this is the most important thing. Perhaps next season we will again see the best version of the Frenchman on the football field.


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