More dangerous than fighting Emelianenko. Blogger Tarasov became a participant in the battle with shooting

Alexander Frolov

Alexander Frolov

Artyom Tarasov

Artyom claims that he simply “turned up at the site of the conflict.”

In St. Petersburg, there was a mass brawl involving several dozen men. Not only fists were used: according to Mash, firearms were also involved. One of the participants in the battle, the master of sports in MMA, was even hospitalized with a bullet wound. But what is most interesting is that well-known bloggers-fighters Artyom Tarasov and Nikita Solonin took part in the conflict.

According to available information, the conflict began in one of the cafes in the Moskovsky district – Tarasov was beaten there, and then taken to another district, where they wanted to do the same with Solonin. However, Tarasov himself claims that he did not participate in the fight, but “just ended up at the scene.” And even tried to calm the angry parties to the conflict.

“I was at the scene of the incident, I did not participate in the fight. It happened because of a conflict between two people who did not share something. But some came with weapons, others came simply, without weapons. Now, thank God, I have no problems. Not health, nothing. Because they didn’t hit me, didn’t shoot there, nothing like that. You can even see in the video at the end where the guys are beating a man, where I run over and say: “You don’t have to beat him alone.” I am there in a black jacket, in yellow slippers, ”Tarasov told REN TV.

It is worth recalling who Tarasov and Solonin are. Artyom is a well-known video blogger and fighter, on whose account there are fights even with Vyacheslav Datsik and Alexander Emelianenko. Tarasov is underestimated by many, but he is really a guy with good sports experience. Solonin is also a professional fighter, performing in various domestic promotions with varying success.

Emelianenko could not knock out the blogger!  Tarasov deftly ran away and could even win
Emelianenko could not knock out the blogger! Tarasov deftly ran away and could even win

Let’s hope that Tarasov and Solonin really accidentally found themselves in the epicenter of the conflict. It’s good they didn’t get hurt. Street battles, and even with shooting, are not the best place to show “valiant prowess”. Even fighting Alexander Emelianenko is much safer and, by the way, more financially profitable. We wish Artyom and Nikita to be more careful in the future.

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