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Asia Cup will not be held in Pakistan! Big news about the Asia Cup

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief Ehsan Money indicated on Wednesday that Pakistan might relinquish its hosting rights for the Asia Cup T20 tournament this year.

Ehsan Money and Sourav Ganguly, Ehsan Money, Sourav Ganguly
Ehsan Money and Sourav Ganguly (Pic source: Twitter)

Speaking on the occasion of the Pakistan Super League Trophy launch at the National Stadium. Ehsan Money said, that “the decision on the venue of the Asia Cup will be taken according to the opinion of all shareholders in the ACC.”

Ehsan Money said, ‘We have to make sure that the earnings of associate members are not affected. It is not about full members but associate members.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is to meet the Asian Cricket Council in the first week of March, In this, the PCB has to give information about the venues of the Asia Cup.

India team has refused to travel to Pakistan for the tournament and said that the Asia Cup will be organized at a neutral venue.’

According to a news report last month. BCCI official told that the Asia Cup needs to be held at a neutral place. The Indian team cannot go to Pakistan under any circumstances.

The BCCI official said, ‘The question is not about PCB conducting Asia Cup. This issue is about the venue of the match. Indian team cannot go to Pakistan to play the Asia Cup. If the Asian Cricket Council can organize the tournament without India, then the other thing is, but if India has to play in Asia Cup, then it cannot be organized in Pakistan.’

In the last year 2018, the Indian Cricket Board also had to organize the Asia Cup outside the country in the UAE. Pakistan players were facing problems in getting visa for India. After which the BCCI had to organize the Asia Cup outside the country. This is the reason why the BCCI pressured the PCB to do the same.

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