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Australian cricketer’s increment will not happen in April

People all over the world are upset due to coronavirus. Be it a common man or a special person. The government of every country is trying to deal with this epidemic in its own way.

australian test team
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Celebrities are also helping him in this work. These celebrities also include players. Corona’s havoc has also been severely broken on the players. Due to this deadly disease, sports competitions around the world have either been canceled or they have been pushed forward.

The virus has also eclipsed the players’ increments. The latest case is related to the Australian cricket team.

The Australian cricketers have suffered a major setback due to the Coronavirus. His increment has been postponed for a month. According to reports, the salary of the team players will not be increased next month.

Actually, Australia has a lockdown like India due to coronavirus. There too, people are forced to stay inside their homes. The situation in Australia has deteriorated so much that the country has been locked down for 6 months.

This lockdown has also had an impact on the central contract of the Australian cricket team. Cricket Australia (CA) has postponed it for a month.

CA was supposed to announce a contract list in May this year for the next year ie from May 2020 to April 2021, but the sports body is also preparing to fight the coronavirus epidemic.

According to Australian media reports, Cricket Australia (CA) wanted to announce the list of contracted players in April instead of May this year but has now been postponed to the end of April. Indeed, this epidemic has created economic uncertainty.

According to the report, the Australian Cricketers Association also agreed to the move of CA. This means that players will now have to wait for at least one month to increase their salary.

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