Austria – Croatia – 1:3, goals from Luka Modric, Marco Livayi and Dejan Lovren, video, review of the League of Nations match

A sure point from the captain of “Zenith” in the game for the national team! Now he has a chance for a trophy

Kirill Zakatchenko

In the next match of Croatia, not only Lovren, but also two former RPL players scored with effective actions.

The Croatian national team successfully completed their performance at the group stage of the League of Nations. The team coached by Zlatko Dalic beat Austria 3-1 away. Not the last role in the success of the Croatian national team was played by the captain of Zenit Dejan Lovren.

Before the final round, the Croats were ahead of the Danish team by one point and, if they won in Vienna, they guaranteed themselves first place. The beginning of the meeting at the Ernst Happel stadium turned out to be fiery – the teams exchanged goals by the 9th minute. The guests took the lead after Nikola Vlašić dragged the ball from midfield to someone else’s penalty area and passed to Luka Modric. The captain of the Croatian national team struck a neat blow into the near corner.

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The Austrians bounced back after just three minutes. Marcel Zabitzer hung around the 11-meter mark, and Christoph Baumgartner ferried the ball into the far corner of Dominik Livakovic’s goal with the back of his head.

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The hosts spent the second half of the first half much more interesting and created a couple of good chances. All the same Baumgartner launched the ball past the far corner, and the goalkeeper of the Croatian national team coped with the shot of Marko Arnautovic. The denouement came in the middle of the second half. Ivan Perisic performed an elegant throw to the far post, and there the former Rubin striker Marco Livaya hit his head so deftly that the ball darted into the near corner neatly between the goalkeeper and the post.

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And after another three minutes, the vice-champions of the world played a great corner – after a throw from Lovro Mayer, Zenit defender Dejan Lovren struck his head exactly into the far corner. It is not clear what the defenders of the Austrian national team were doing at that moment, since the legionnaire from the RPL struck without any interference.

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Immediately after that, the Croats almost brought the matter to a rout, but the ball after Perisic’s strike slid over the crossbar. Vice world champions won and took first place in the group, ahead of the Danes by only one point. Those, in turn, nailed the French (2:0), but even the victory over the world champions did not allow Kasper Yulmann’s team to rise above second place.

Austria – Croatia – 1: 3

Photo: Christian Hofer/Getty Images

The Croatian national team has secured a place in the final stage of the League of Nations, where the four winners of the elite groups will play. They will determine the strongest team of the tournament in the summer of 2022. But the Austrian national team, which is coached by Ralf Rangnick, took last place in the group. She will play the next tournament in League B.

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