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“Barcelona” in the season 2020/21 will reduce the budget by almost 300 million euros

The Spanish football club Barcelona plans to reduce the club’s budget by almost 300 million euros compared to the current season in the 2020/21 season due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, reports As.

The budget of the club at the beginning of this season was 1.047 billion euros. The club planned to spend 65% on the salaries of players, that is, about 680 million.

In the upcoming season, they plan to reduce the share of the budget allocated to salaries for players to 60%, and the budget will amount to only 750 million euros.

Thus, the budget will be reduced by 297 million, 450 million will be allocated for salaries, that is, 230 million less than in the current season.

It is noted that the club hopes to negotiate with the leading players on a lower salary, otherwise the contracts may be terminated, and the club will have to look for players who are willing to receive less. In any case, cost reduction will affect all levels of the club, including contracts with suppliers and travel expenses.

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