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Basel – Crusaders forecast for the Conference League match on July 21, 2022, what time, where to watch online for free


Basel – Crusaders. Chalov and Abascal are in the RPL, but the Swiss are still afloat

Mikhail Korobov

The Swiss got a handy opponent, problems may come later.

On July 21, the first match of the second qualifying round of the Conference League “Basel” – “Crusaders” will take place. The game starts at 20:00 Moscow time. The bookmakers have already given a forecast, they consider the hosts to be the favorites: you can bet on the victory of the Swiss in bookmakers with a coefficient of 1.12. The success of the club from Northern Ireland was assessed by experts at 21.00. Bets on a draw are accepted for 8.90.

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Bookmaker odds for Basel vs Crusaders Conference League match July 21, 2022

Bookmakers are confident that the Basel-Crusaders match will be productive: the total over 2.5 goals goes for 1.43, and the total under 2.5 goals goes for 2.70. If the guests score, the odds will be 2.50. If they don’t score, the coefficient is 1.49. You can bet on goals from both sides in bookmakers for 2.80.

Analysis and forecast for the match of the 2nd qualifying round of the Conference League “Basel” – “Crusaders” (21.07.2022)

The group stage of the Champions League starts in September. Until then, teams that have not qualified directly for the group stage of the competition have the opportunity to qualify. The situation is identical in the third most important club European international tournament – the Conference League.

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As many as 47 first confrontations of the second qualifying round of the competition are scheduled for July 21. Among others, the local Basel and the Crusaders from Northern Ireland will measure their strength at the St. Jakob-Park stadium in Switzerland. The starting whistle will sound at 20:00 Moscow time.

Compared to last season, Basel has not changed much, but qualitatively. Firstly, as head coach Guillermo Abascal, who left for Spartak Moscow, was replaced by Alexander Fry. Secondly, Fedor Chalov, rented from CSKA Moscow in the winter transfer window, left the team.

Despite the benefits, the striker received playing time inconsistently. As a result, for 16 incomplete meetings for the Swiss club, he scored four goals and two assists. One of them helped beat Lugano (2:1) in the final round match of the Swiss championship. As a result of such a successful performance, Basel scored 62 points and finished second. Not bad!

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According to some information, a team from the city of the same name is interested in the return of Chalov. According to the source, the striker also wanted to stay in Switzerland. However, the new head coach of CSKA Vladimir Fedotov, apparently, does not intend to let the player back to the Swiss team.

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In one of the interviews, the mentor noted that he really needed a footballer. No wonder. Immediately after returning to the army camp, Chalov helped beat the strong Sochi (2: 1) in the pre-season Cup match. The striker’s goal was the winner. And in the game of the first round with Ural (2:0) he was very good. However, of course, Basel already has enough talented strikers.

And after the departure of Guillermo Abascal, who did not give enough playing time to many promising players like Chalov, Basel’s affairs will certainly go smoothly. In the upcoming match, the Swiss, in our opinion, should win a landslide victory. In the last draw, they managed to reach the 1/8 finals of the Conference League without any problems. This season there is a chance to reach the best heights.

The upcoming opponent, the humble Crusaders, doesn’t pose much of a threat. In the first round of the Conference League qualification, he barely beat the little-known Magpies from Gibraltar. At the same time, in the first match he was defeated with a score of 1: 2, and in the second, already at the home stadium, he pulled out a victory 10 minutes before the final whistle.

At a distance, the successes of the team from Belfast also do not inspire confidence. At the end of last season, he took fourth place in the standings of the championship of Northern Ireland, where the level of teams is very low. Since the Crusaders do not have enough reserves to fight for the gold of the Northern Irish Premiership, it is even more unlikely that Basel will be able to give a worthy rebuff.

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By the way, the “axes” have never in history gone beyond the second qualifying round in the club’s European international competitions. There is nothing surprising in this, in our opinion. After all, it is enough to look at the results of the performances of the Northern Ireland team to understand that football in this country is still at an early stage of development.

For four meetings of the current draw of the League of Nations, the national team has not won a single victory with draws with Cyprus (0:0 and 2:2). Defeated from Greece (0:1) and Kosovo (2:3). It seems that in the upcoming match, the Crusaders will also lose and miss a lot. Let’s even take P1 + total over 3.5 goals for a coefficient of 2.11.

Prediction and bets for the match of the Conference League qualification Basel – Crusaders July 21, 2022

Despite the departure of Fedor Chalov, Basel looks like the clear favorite for the upcoming game. The level of the Swiss team and its success at a distance is an order of magnitude better than that of the Crusaders. If the Northern Irish club is not always able to impose a fight on equal opponents, then in Basel it is even more unlikely to be able to avoid failure. We think the hosts will win a decisive victory.

Bid: Basel win and total over 3.5 goals for odds of 2.11.

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