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Basketball player Greiner said she was surprised by the bottle of hash oil in her bag

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KHIMKI, July 27 – American basketball player Brittney Greiner said in the Khimki court of the Moscow region that she knew about the banned status of hash oil in Russia and did not understand how the cartridge with it ended up in her bag, a correspondent reports.
During the interrogation, the girl said that she was on vacation for 10 days, during which time she flew to Arizona with a transfer in Moscow from Yekaterinburg – there is the UMMC club, for which she plays.
On vacation, she tried to “get back in shape”, but it was not possible to take more time for rehabilitation.
At the same time, according to her, the US authorities did not advise American citizens to fly to Russia, but she “could not let her team down” and take an extra week of vacation – then she would not have made it to the playoffs.
In Sheremetyevo, according to her, after arrival and passport control, a service dog sniffed her, after which a customs officer asked to open her bag.
There, the law enforcement officer found vape cartridges, as it was later established, with hash oil. At the same time, Greiner assured that she did not want to import cartridges into Russia, as she knew that they were banned in the country and “did not understand how they ended up in her bag.”
The defendant said that she bought the cartridges in the United States on special paper from a doctor, to whom she complained about the side effects of traditional painkillers.
“I used marijuana to relieve pain when my knee was inflamed, and only during breaks from games and when there was no competition,” the girl said.
After discovering the cartridges, Griner, she said, “began to give various documents and ask to sign.” According to her, a certain woman was assigned to her, who called herself a translator, but “did not translate anything, but only said the phrases:” Sign here, “Last name.”
Rights, according to Greiner, no one explained to her, the essence of the documents, too. So she called her wife and an agent who was in the US. They created a chat with Russian lawyer Alexander Boikov, but later the operative asked to hand over the phone for a while.
After that, according to the defendant, she “had to sign even more documents.”
During the interrogation in court, lawyer Boikov asked Greiner a rhetorical question why she was examined and documents were given for signature without his presence, to which the girl replied: “That’s a good question.”
According to him, the subsequent examination confirmed that at the time of the arrest, the athlete was not under the influence of drugs, no markers of prohibited substances were found in the blood.
Greiner, who faces up to ten years in prison in this case, is one of the most titled basketball players in the world. She was a two-time Olympian and two-time world champion with Team USA and the 2014 WNBA Champion with Phoenix. The center is included in the official list of the 25 best players in the women’s NBA. He has been playing for the Yekaterinburg UMMC since 2015.



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