On June 18, the match of the 11th round of the championship of Belarus BATE – Isloch will take place. The game starts at 18:00 Moscow time. Bookmakers in their forecasts give preference to the hosts: you can bet on the victory of BATE in bookmakers with odds of 1.36. The success of Isloch is estimated by analysts at 9.10. You can bet on a draw for 5.20.

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Odds of bookmakers for the match of the championship of Belarus BATE – Isloch on June 18, 2022

According to the bookmakers, the match will be productive: you can bet on the total of less than 2.5 goals for 2.09, while on the total of more than 2.5 goals – for 1.76. A BATE goal is given a coefficient of 1.05, while Isloch’s goal is estimated at 1.80. You can bet on “both teams to score” at bookmakers for 2.03.

Analysis and forecast for the match of the 11th round of the championship of Belarus BATE – Isloch (18.06.2022)

After a three-week pause for the games of the national teams, the championship of Belarus, held according to the “spring-autumn” system, resumes. The central match of the 11th round will be the confrontation between BATE and Isloch, which occupy the first and sixth places in the standings, respectively.

Colorado - Tampa Bay.  Forecast for the 2nd match: the reigning champions did not expect such a start
Colorado – Tampa Bay. Forecast for the 2nd match: the reigning champions did not expect such a start

The leading position of BATE, quite familiar at the time when the team was making noise in European competitions, is somewhat of a surprise this season. For the past three years in a row, the Borisovites have not been able to regain the champion title, which belonged to them undividedly for 13 seasons in a row.

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Unsuccessful performances in European competition have hurt the club’s budget, which is why it can no longer afford to live in grand style when forming a team. Financial circumstances have had a significant impact on BATE this season.

The starting lineup of the Borisovites is still quite strong by the standards of the Belarusian championship. However, 80% of the bench consists of yesterday’s understudies, with whom, however, coach Alexander Mikhailov is well acquainted. After all, he coached many of them in the previous two seasons, and I will be the mentor of the youth team.

CSKA in the new season: Fedotov will not bring trophies, but there will be medals
CSKA in the new season: Fedotov will not bring trophies, but there will be medals

The leaders of BATE are big central defender Yakov Filipović, midfielder and captain Stanislav Dragun, as well as Nemanja Milic, who is forced to play as a central striker this season. But the team’s top scorer is the holding midfielder, Icelander Willum Thor Willumson.

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And this, perhaps, best characterizes the attacking game of the team, in which the midfield players carry the most threat in building the organization of the attack. It is noteworthy that both defensive players in the starting lineup – Willumsson and Valery Bocherov – are full-time set pieces performers.

In the Premier League this season, BATE has not lost even once in the starting nine games: seven wins and two draws. The last time, by the time of the summer international pause, the Borisovites did not have a single defeat in the championship behind them already in 2015. Long time ago.

Atlanta United - Inter Miami.  Mal, yes daring!  David Beckham's club continues to rise
Atlanta United – Inter Miami. Mal, yes daring! David Beckham’s club continues to rise

However, BATE still had defeats this season. Curiously, both happened in cup matches. Unfortunately for the Borisov fans, one of them happened at the final of the Belarusian Cup, which took place on May 21st. It turned out painful, I had to give in to Gomel (1:2), although they even opened an account.

On the other hand, BATE is the second most scoring team in the Belarusian league with an average of 2.11 goals per match. At the same time, the team has the most reliable defense. In nine rounds, only four goals were conceded, two of which flew into the goal of Andrey Kudravets in the Belarusian Clasico against Dynamo Minsk.

Isloch, unlike BATE, has never played in European competition, except for reaching the finals and bronze medals at the UEFA Regions Cup in 2013. This is a competition in which champions of national amateur tournaments participate. Strictly speaking, there is nothing to be proud of here.

England and France are in crisis, Brazil is the favourite.  Who will win the 2022 World Cup?
England and France are in crisis, Brazil is the favourite. Who will win the 2022 World Cup?

In the six seasons since their debut in the Premier League in 2016, the Wolves came closest to qualifying for European competition in 2019, when they managed to finish in fifth place. In addition, the team made some noise in 2021 as well. Then she managed to reach the final of the Cup of Belarus, but lost just to BATE.

The status of an underdog and troublemaker underwent some changes for Isloch at the beginning of 2021, when the club’s budget was significantly reduced, and the main strategy of the club’s owners was the development of players with a view to their subsequent sale. For this, a young coach Artyom Radkov was invited to the team, who spent three and a half seasons in the structure of another club working with the same business model – in Energetika-BSU.

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Radkov borrowed many methods of work from the head of the Energetik coaching staff, Anatoly Yurevich. Including those that include an early exit from vacation, rich pre-season training and intensive training, the main purpose of which is to develop physical endurance. However, there are no major improvements yet.

The new Isloch cannot boast of stable results yet. For 45 official matches under the leadership of Radkov, 13 victories were won, 12 games ended in a draw, and the Wolves lost 20 more meetings. The winning percentage is slightly higher this season, with Isloch winning four out of ten games in 2022, with all four wins occurring in the last six games.

As for games with opponents who are in the top of the standings, Isloch has already played with three of the top five teams and achieved excellent results. Energetik-BGU and Minsk were beaten 2-1 and 2-0 respectively, and last year’s champion Shakhtar lost their head coach after the match against Wolves, which ended 1-1.

Among the players of Isloch, Ruslan Lisakovich stands out. Like his older brother, Rubin striker Vitaly Lisakovich, Ruslan was called up to the national team of Belarus last year. The team’s top scorers are Daniel Sozach and 19-year-old talent German Barkovsky.

The best comparison between BATE and Isloch characterizes the presence of national team players. Five players from the Borisov team were called up for the June international break to the national team of Belarus and one to the youth team. Four football players from Isloch were invited to play for the youth at once, but at the adult level, only Niger striker Daniel Sozah played in international matches.

Without greatness, but with a trophy: what awaits Spartak under Abaskal
Without greatness, but with a trophy: what awaits Spartak under Abaskal

Isloch can afford to play fast and bold football without looking back at its own goal. Both teams have scored in eight out of ten Wolves games this season. Both teams have scored in five of the last six official matches between BATE and Isloch. The bet “both teams to score” is estimated at a good odds of 2.03. I think it’s worth a try this time.

Forecast and bet on the match of the Belarusian Premier League BATE – Isloch on June 18, 2022

Isloch has long been known as an uncomfortable opponent for BATE. There was a period in the history of the confrontation between the teams when the Borisov team could not beat the “wolves” six matches in a row. Now the Borisovites are opposed by a completely different club with many young players, and the yellow-blue matches with the Minskers are mostly successful and with an abundance of goals. It is curious that for eight matches in a row, including friendly sparring, BATE has not lost to Isloch. At the same time, both teams scored in each. We expect a similar outcome from the upcoming game.

Bid: BATE won’t lose and both will score for 2.65.

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