Beaten skater Solovyov about health: there are consequences, including those related to speech

MOSCOW, 15 Jan – The 2014 Olympic champion in figure skating Dmitry Solovyov on his Instagram said that the beating in Moscow left some consequences, including those related to speech.
Solovyov was beaten in Moscow on the night of December 21 after standing up for his common-law wife Anna Sidorova, two-time European curling champion. The athlete was hospitalized in the Botkin hospital with head injuries. On December 28, the figure skater’s manager Elena Bolotova announced that Solovyov had been discharged from the hospital.
“Thank you, dear friends, I am slowly recovering. I am following all the doctors’ orders, which include the minimum use of the phone. In this regard, unfortunately, I cannot respond to your messages and comments yet. I read them, I am very pleased. Yes, there are some consequences, including those related to speech. I’m sure I’ll deal with them soon,” the athlete wrote.
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The figure skater is 32 years old, he performs in ice dancing. The athlete also has the silver of the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang and the bronze of the World Championship.



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