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Lewandowski plays better at Barça than at Bayern. Now he can score even more

Mikhail Rozhdestvensky

Mikhail Rozhdestvensky

Bayern - Barcelona

Today, Robert will try to upset the former team on her field.

Robert Lewandowski returns home, but only for one match. Today, September 13, Bayern will host Barcelona in the 2nd round of the Champions League group stage. The main intrigue of this game is connected with the Polish striker. In the summer, Robert’s move from Germany to Spain was one of the highlights of the transfer window.

We have long been accustomed to the fact that Lewandowski scores a wild number of goals and breaks statistical records. But how did the transfer affect him? Now let’s figure it out.

Lewandowski against the main team of life.  Bayern - Barcelona in the Champions League.  LIVE
Lewandowski against the main team of life. Bayern – Barcelona in the Champions League. LIVE

Lewandowski a little bit, but he got better. If he continues like this, there will be more goals

It’s time for advanced statistics. To illustrate the impact of the transfer on Lewandowski, let’s compare his performance last season and this season. Since the number of matches played varies greatly, let’s take percentages into account.

  • Lewandowski was (surprise) better at tackling the ball. Last season, the percentage of successful attempts was only 30, this year – 56. A huge jump.
  • Lewandowski’s shots have become more accurate. Last season, 57 percent of Robert’s attempts were on target, now it’s 69.
  • And most importantly: Lewandowski has become better at converting chances. This season, Robert has a grandmaster figure of 45 percent. It is this share of chances that Lewandowski realizes, although last season it was 35 percent.
Robert Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski

Photo: Fran Santiago/Getty Images

All of these indicators were the best in Lewandowski’s career. He never took away so well, did not beat and did not implement. We make a fat allowance for the distance: there are still too few matches played, so the comparison can be considered correct at the end of the season. But even now, these numbers are impressive. Robert’s scoring pace will almost inevitably decrease, but if the fall is not strong, then even more goals from the Barça striker await us.

By the way, according to other indicators, Lewandowski remained plus or minus at the same level. Percentage of accurate passes: 78 vs. 79 last season. Robert fights in the same way: 40 percent of riding martial arts won in both seasons.

They woke up late.  Bayern pay painfully for fatal off-season mistake
They woke up late. Bayern pay painfully for fatal off-season mistake

And how did Lewandowski start at Bayern? Same way?

Not even close. Robert was a tough guy back then, but not such a high-profile striker. At the start of his first season in Munich, Lewandowski scored a modest two goals in seven matches. What happened next, you already know very well.

But now in Spain, Lewandowski manages to score with his heel from such positions. And in seven matches he already has two, and 10 goals.

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Given the difficult history of Lewandowski’s parting with Bayern, it can be assumed that Robert will come out with crazy motivation for today’s match. The Pole returns home, but already as a guest. And now his goal is to defeat Bayern, not win. It is extremely difficult to stop such a Lewandowski.

What do you think: will Robert score against Bayern or not? Write in the comments!

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