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BCCI has to Understand the Importance of the Test match

Ishant Sharma has been named Man of the Match, Man of the Series. Yet all the light is towards the great Kohli. Record after record. He also scored his first century for India as Pink in Eden.

Not only does he play well on the field, but the Indian captain is also very dignified beyond the field. He was also impressed to hear his words at the press conference.

Bangladesh lost the Test series very badly. Kohli went on to explain that he was the captain of the opposition, for Bangladesh, ” First, they didn’t get their two experienced players. Shakib and Tamim were not. But it was Mushfi and Mahmudullah. Relying on two players, the team cannot be taken forward. The rest are young, they have to be more experienced. ‘

Kohli gave a more detailed explanation of the difference in experience, saying, ‘If they play more tests, they will be more experienced. If playing two Tests breaks between six months, you will not understand how to handle stress or how to play under pressure.

See they have skills. They are playing international cricket because of their ability. But to get better, you have to play regular matches (Tests). Their players and the board need to understand the importance of the test. That’s the only way to do well in the test. “

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