Beauties from Aladdin, The Witcher, Borderlands, Batman Arkham and Sengoku BASARA (Devil Kings)

Cosplay: stunning images from Aladdin, The Witcher, Borderlands and Batman Arkham

Igor Lyubavin

We continue to share beauty with you.

It’s another Saturday and we continue to show you the hottest cosplays from popular franchises. Today we are waiting for both cult classics and images from a little-known game that tried to take on the popularity of Devil May Cry.


It’s scary to imagine – 30 years have passed since the release of the original “Aladdin”! And we all continue to enjoy the image of Princess Jasmine performed by Anna Shakhovskaya. Photo: Alena Mogan and Andrey Modey.

The Witcher 3

The Blood and Wine expansion for The Witcher 3 is considered one of the best titles in the entire gaming industry. Of course, cosplayers also love him, and especially Lada Lumos, who decided to reincarnate as Vivienne de Tabris, the maid of honor of Princess Anna Henrietta. This is the same girl with a terrible curse, whose fate Geralt must decide during one of the side quests. Photo: Kira Mitenkova.

Catwoman from Batman Arkham

DC Universe cosplay is a pretty hot topic these days. Cosplayers mostly use images from films or comics, but Valeria Darkelf decided to reincarnate as Catwoman from the Batman Arkham game universe. In one of the photos, she even collects the Riddler’s question! Thanks to JustMoolti Photo for the photo.


It is not often that in our section you can see characters from the Gearbox series of looter shooters. It is all the more valuable to see the beautiful Moxie performed by Daria Rooz. Photo: the same Kira Mitenkova.

Sengoku Basara aka Devil Kings

Perhaps none of our readers have heard of the Sengoku Basara series of games. In 2005, the action was renamed Devil Kings so that in Europe and the USA the game could compete with Devil May Cry: even the game’s cover used images understandable to gamers. Apparently, Vera Andreeva did not pass by the franchise and decided to turn into a character named Kasuga – one of the main characters of the entire series. Kira Mitenkova captured all this again.

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