The American was frightened by the iron fists of the Russian. Grabbed his eye and refused to fight

Denis Dorofeev

Denis Dorofeev

Valentin Moldavsky - Steve Mowry.  Review

Valentin Moldavsky could not spend several months at the training camp.

On the night of August 12-13, the Bellator 284 tournament took place. The former interim heavyweight champion, Russian Valentin Moldavsky, took part in it. As rivals, he was given the undefeated two-meter giant Steve Mowry.

The American won an early victory in all of his ten bouts and was ranked fifth in the division ranking. In this regard, it was logical to bet on him as the future of the organization. And the Russian needed to rehabilitate himself after the controversial loss to Ryan Bader in the title fight in order to stay in the championship race.

And our fighter pointed Mowry to his place from the very first seconds, breaking through successful attacks. The two-meter giant was not ready for this level of resistance, flying away from Moldavsky’s heavy blows. And the denouement happened already at the end of the first minute of the fight, but not in the way we wanted. In a shock exchange, Valentin hit the opponent’s eye so that he could not see.

The way Steve reacted to what happened, it was like a poke in the eye. The referee gave the fighter three minutes to recover and called the doctor. However, Mowry flinched as the light from the pen hit his eye. And Steve continued to declare that he would not be able to continue the fight. Thus, the fight was declared invalid, stopping at around 54 seconds.

We cannot assess how serious the hit in the eye was, but the American was able to keep the “zero” in the defeat column. It is possible that he was simply afraid of continuing the fight. Looks like we’re in for a rematch if Scott Cocker doesn’t come up with something else. It’s a shame that the whole camp was down the drain. Moldavsky’s coach, Fedor Emelianenko, was clearly unhappy with this outcome.

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