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Rifle - 1920, 07/27/2022


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MOSCOW, 27 Jul – Biathlete Lydia Zhurauskaite said she did not consider herself a traitor because of the change of Russian citizenship to Lithuanian.
Earlier, the media wrote about the plans of the athlete to compete at the 2026 Winter Olympics in Italy for the Lithuanian team. On July 22, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on renunciation of Russian citizenship by Zhurauskaite, who was born in Murmansk.
“All the talk that I’m a traitor, that I fled Russia and left just because there are no prospects here now is complete nonsense. I’ll even say this: in Lithuania, financially, I receive less than in my region, so it’s not even about money. I just wanted to try myself, especially since they are really interested in me, “said the 23-year-old biathlete” Match TV.
“The coach of the team approached me, then I had a conversation with the president of the Lithuanian Biathlon Federation. They found me in the protocols of the All-Russian competitions. They just saw the Lithuanian surname. Already then we began to collect documents, and in March 2021 it became known that I would be given citizenship, since it is very difficult to get it in Lithuania. Immediately after that, I was invited to the training camp, and since May 2021 I have already been training with the Lithuanian team, “Zurauskaite added.


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