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IPL 2019. RR vs KXIP (Photos: Twitter)

Bigger controversy in IPL 2019: Josh Butler scared of Ashwin Actions, See Video

IPL 2019. RR vs KXIP: What Ashwin has done has created a new controversy. He made Butler the first victim of ‘Manking’ in IPL history. Butler was then playing 69 runs in 43 balls. After this the questions are raised about the game spirit from around the world.

IPL 2019. RR vs KXIP: Rajasthan Royals opener Jos Butler has become the first batsman to be victim of ‘shooting’ in the history of IPL. Kings XI Punjab captain R Ashwin dismissed Butler in a controversial match during a match played in Jaipur. Butler was playing with 69 runs from 43 balls when Ashwin dismissed him without a warning. According to the rules of cricket, the third umpire has given them out. Although such wickets are considered contrary to the game spirit. Thereafter there was a sharp debate between Butler and Ashwin.

After being handed out by the third umpire, there was debate among cricket lovers around the world. England veteran Eoin Morgan wrote, “I do not believe in what I see. This is a very poor example for new boys. I think Ashwin will have to repent. “

Great spinner Shane Warne said, “I am disappointed with Ashwin as a captain and as a person. All the captains sign the IPL Wall and agree to play with the game spirit. If Ashwin does not want to bowl the ball then it should be declared a dead ball. Now BCCI has to think as it has spoiled the image of the IPL. “

According to the rules, many people, including famous commentator Harsha Bhogle, according to the rules, make Mankading right. Bhogale tweeted, “Many people are talking about sports spirit. The rule was made so that ‘sports spirit’ remained intact. The batsmen were running less than 6 inches to finish the run. “

Among Indians, Kapil Dev, Peter Kirsten of South Africa, was dismissed from Mankading during the 1992-93 series. In domestic cricket, spinner Ferguson Karthik was dismissed by Sandeep Das of Bengal in the Ranji Trophy match this way.

If the batsman standing at the other end of the match, if he comes out of the crease before leaving the ball with the hand of the bowler, then he is called “walking” to run out.

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