MOSCOW, 10 Aug – British businessman Michael Knighton has said he is preparing an offer to buy English football club Manchester United from the Glazer family.
In 1989, Knighton made an unsuccessful bid to buy Manchester United for £20 million, after which he took a position on the club’s board.
“The club is in crisis and we all know why. We have inept and frankly useless owners who understand little about football. Everyone knows that the club needs a new owner and I am working on it with sufficient connections and finances. I intend to present to the current owners with a legitimate and commercially powerful offer, declaring that their time is up,” Knighton was quoted as saying by the Manchester Evening News, citing Man Utd The Religion.
A controlling stake in Manchester United belongs to the Glazer family from the United States. Fans of the “Red Devils” have repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the policy of the club’s owners.


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