Buffon framed “Parma”, having made a monstrous mistake in the match against “Perugia”: video

MOSCOW, 27 April – The legendary Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon went to Serie B last year to end his career in his native Parma, on Tuesday he was marked by a ridiculous mistake.
The famous goalkeeper scored with a minus sign in the match against Perugia. Shortly before the ill-fated episode, 44-year-old Gigi was close to reflecting the penalty.
Frustrated after a missed goal, Buffon showed himself not from the best side. Taking the ball from a partner, the goalkeeper tried to move him to the flank in one touch. The ball treacherously eluded Buffon, which was used by the opponent’s striker, shooting an empty net.
The meeting ended with the defeat of “Parma” with a score of 1:2. The team is 13th in the Serie B standings.



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