Burkina Faso with Konate and Tunisia with Talbi are the quarter-finalists of the Africa Cup of Nations

On January 23, at the African Cup of Nations-2021, the first matches of the 1/8 finals took place, in which two Tinkoff RPL players played.

Burkina Faso – Gabon – 1:1 (7:6 – penalty)

The rivals finished the main time in a draw. The Burkinians led after a goal by Bertrand Traore in the 28th minute, played in the majority from the 67th minute – Sydney Obissa was sent off from the Gabonians – but in stoppage time Gabon bounced back after an own goal by Adam Guira. In extra-times, the teams did not distinguish themselves, and in a series of 11-meter kicks, Burkina Faso won with a score of 7:6.

Akhmat striker Mohamed Konate, who plays for the Burkina national team, appeared on the field in the 81st minute: he scored a yellow card and converted his attempt in the penalty shootout. The forward played the third match in the tournament.

Nigeria – Tunisia – 0:1

Nigerians are the only African Cup participants to win all three matches in the group stage, but they lost to Tunisians, who qualified for the playoffs from third place. The author of the winning goal is Youssef Msakni, who scored in the 47th minute. At the 66th minute, Alex Iwobi was sent off from the Nigerians.

Rubin defender Montassard Talbi played for the Tunisia national team for the fourth full match in a row in the tournament. CSKA striker Chidera Ejuke was not included in the application of the Nigerian national team for the game. The soldier has previously played in games against Egypt (19 minutes) and Guinea-Bissau (56).

Burkina Faso and Tunisia will face each other in the quarter-finals. The match will take place on January 29 at 22:00 Moscow time.

The Africa Cup of Nations 2021 takes place in Cameroon from 9 January to 6 February.

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