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Business with IPL Entertainment will also change the mood of the people of the country; BCCI Treasurer Arun Dhumal said

Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) treasurer Arun Dhumal has urged the International Cricket Council (ICC) to take a decision on the T20 World Cup soon so that all cricket boards can make their plans accordingly.

Dhumal wants to host the Indian Premier League (IPL) during the BCCI T20 World Cup window, but until the ICC decides on the World Cup, it will implement its plan. does not make.

Asked whether the IPL will cure the mood of the people of the country during this pandemic, Dhumal said, “Yes, it will definitely fix the atmosphere of the country.”

Some people say that the BCCI is upset about the IPL just for the money and criticizes us, but no one is understanding the economics part of it. It is not just entertainment.

It is a business that generates employment in many areas. This will boost the economy in many areas. Obviously if the IPL happens, the player’s safety will be paramount.

On the matter of what will be the difference if IPL does not happen this year, Dhumal said, “If there is no IPL, it will be difficult to maintain cricket activities.” It is the largest head of revenue of BCCI.

Due to IPL and cricket, we are able to conduct 2000 domestic matches every year. It affects the lives of everyone from domestic to junior cricketers, officials. If Australia hosts the T20 World Cup this year, we obviously will not host it, but if it is not, then everyone should be informed soon so that we can make other plans.

On the question of what is the BCCI’s view of the ICC stand to take no decision on the T20 World Cup so far, Dhumal said, the current situation is not just for the BCCI. World cricket will have to unite to face this challenge.

There is no point in delaying the issue, we need to discuss things immediately and decide so that we can prepare the roadmap for the future.

On whether the delay is a conspiracy against the IPL, Dhumal said, “I will not comment on it.” I think everything is getting mixed as the ICC elections close.

There are reports in the media that Australia does not want to host the T20 World Cup this year. If this is the case, a decision needs to be made soon.

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