Cap thrown at Conor, McGregor video, Irish reaction, return to MMA

Where did Conor’s reaction go? Previously, it was impossible to get into it – with a cap, for sure. Video

Alexander Frolov

But vindictiveness remained – McGregor stomped on his headdress properly.

Despite talk of an imminent return to the octagon, Conor McGregor is in no hurry to strictly follow the sports regime. In particular, the Irishman celebrated his 34th birthday in Ibiza for several days in a row. Rivers of alcohol, beautiful girls and loud music – Notorious knows how to relax beautifully. By tradition, Conor managed to get into a little story.

However, this time nothing particularly terrible happened. During the party, a cap flew into McGregor, surprisingly accurately thrown by one of the vacationers. The Irishman took the “hit”, ironically gave the thrower a thumbs up, after which he trampled vindictively on his headgear. Showing with all his appearance that the owner of the cap will be the same if he dares to approach.

The incident is quite banal, but some journalists immediately caught on to it, remembering another incident with McGregor and a headdress. In 2015, the Irishman nearly fell victim to a Cat Zingano cap, which the female fighter accidentally threw right at Conor before her fight with Ronda Rousey. Then everyone was struck by the reaction of Notorious, who, like a cat, dodged the headdress. And then he accepted Zingano’s apologies good-naturedly.

Since that time, seven years and many kilograms have passed. MacGregor, overgrown with huge muscles, this time did not have time to dodge the cap, which flew much more slowly and from a greater distance than Zingano’s “projectile”. Perhaps Conor simply did not want to dodge, but many fans saw in the incident a slowdown in the Irishman’s reaction. Maybe it is. But only the octagon will show everything.

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