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Captain Kohli big statement about revenge

New Zealand had broken the dream of winning the World Cup, India lost to New Zealand in the World Cup semi-finals. Now Captain Kohli has a big statement about revenge.

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli

The Indian team will now play a five-match T20 series with New Zealand. The series is to begin on January 24. Indian batsman Shikhar Dhawan will not be able to participate in the series due to injury.

Indian wicketkeeper and batsman Sanju Samson has selected in place of Shikhar Dhawan.

India had their last match against New Zealand during the World Cup last year. India lost to New Zealand in the semifinals of the World Cup, and then their dreams of winning the World Cup were broken.

Indian captain Virat Kohli has kept his word about the loss in the World Cup. Indian captain Virat Kohli said that questions are always raised about the team’s poor performance but the captain cannot always be judged on the basis of results.

Captain Kohli said, “We will not take the field with the intention of avenging the defeat in the World Cup. The New Zealand team won well in the semi-finals and we were delighted to reach their final. Whenever two teams play on the field, they try to win.”

In all three formats, India captain Kohli said that many times people blame the team for the failure of the team immediately.

Kohli said, “These kinds of things happen often whenever the team is performing poorly. It is part of the captaincy responsibility in all three formats. I keep my focus on what I can do for the team and how to take it forward.”

Virat Kohli said before the first T20 match, “I don’t think captaincy can always be judged by the results.” How do you unite the team and bring out the best? I believe Kane is doing this job well.”

Kohli said, “He is respected in the team and has the confidence of fellow players. He is a smart cricketer. If the team plays poorly then it is the team’s failure, not the captain’s alone.”

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