CAS did not exclude Ecuador from the World Cup at the request of Chile and Peru

CAS did not exclude the national team of Ecuador from the World Cup at the request of Chile and Peru

MOSCOW, 8 Nov – The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) did not exclude the Ecuador national team from the participation in the World Cup in Qatar at the request of the Chilean Football Federation (FFCH) and the Peruvian Football Association (FPF), according to a press release from the court.
FFCH and FPF have previously applied to FIFA with a request to disqualify the Ecuador national team in connection with the participation in the qualifying matches of the World Cup football player Byron Castillo, who was accused of falsifying documents. FIFA conducted an investigation and closed the case without imposing sanctions. In September, FIFA’s appeal committee rejected the FFCH and FPF’s protest. The national federations then filed an appeal with the CAS.
CAS partially granted the FFCH and FPF appeals. The court found that some of the information in the player’s passport was false, in particular, the date and place of birth of the player were incorrect, and ruled that the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF) was responsible for the use of a document containing false information. However, the footballer’s passport itself turned out to be genuine, so the court decided that Castillo had the right to participate in the qualifying tournament.
The CAS held the FEF responsible for the inaccurate information and punished the Ecuadorian team with a loss of three points in the next World Cup qualifier and a fine of 100,000 Swiss francs.
Thus, the Ecuador national team will perform at the World Championships in Qatar, which starts on November 20. She will play in Group A with Senegal, the Netherlands and Qatar.
The Peruvian national team expected to replace the Ecuadorians in the final part of the World Cup as the team that finished in the qualifying tournament in the line below in the table. The Chilean side demanded that CAS acknowledge that Castillo had no right to play for the Ecuadorian national team in the World Cup qualifiers, and declared the meetings in which he participated failed. Then the Chilean team would have taken fourth place in the qualifying group and qualified for the World Cup.


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