Russian skiers win Olympic bronze in the team sprint

Skiers Yuliya Stupak and Natalya Nepryaeva won bronze medals in the team sprint classical style and brought the Russian team the 22nd medal at the Beijing Olympics. The victory was won by the Germans Katarina Hennig and Victoria Karl with a result of 22 minutes 9.85 seconds. The silver medalists were Sweden’s Maya Dahlqvist and … Read more

The IOC refused to consider Valieva the champion in case of victory

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will consider the results of the women’s figure skating competition as preliminary if the Russian athlete Kamila Valieva, who passed a positive doping test in December, enters the top three. This was announced to journalists at a briefing by IOC representative Mark Adams. “The result of Valieva in the free … Read more

Against all odds: Valieva won the short program, Shcherbakova came second

First warm-up 1. Anastasia Shabotova (Ukraine) 2. Jenny Saarinen (Finland) 3. Olga Mikutina (Austria) 4. Mana Kawabe (Japan) 5. Lindsay van Zundert (Netherlands) 6. Josephine Tallegard (Sweden) Second warm-up 7. Keilani Crane (Australia) 8. Natasha McKay (Great Britain) 9. Anastasia Gubanova (Georgia) 10. Mariah Bell (USA) 11. Madeleine Skiza (Canada) 12. Yi Zhu (China) Third … Read more

“Maybe you can look for a motor in my panties?” Stepanova responded to the journalist’s accusations

The Scandinavian journalist noted the excellent work of the skis of the Russian and German national teams in the women’s relay and hinted at the possible use of a banned ointment with a fluorine-containing element. “Were we fooled? The skis of the Russian and German teams worked amazingly throughout the day. Did they just do … Read more

“Valiyeva made a mistake, but it’s not scary”

Silence on the decision of the ROC The main attention was focused on Kamila Valieva, whose admission to the individual tournament was announced by the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne (CAS) only the previous morning. Valieva made a mistake on the very first element, unsuccessfully performing a triple axel, but then she skated … Read more

Russia is fighting for the 1/2 finals in hockey and for gold in skiing and biathlon

Well-known journalist Vladimir Pozner commented on the leadership of the Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva in the short program at the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing. “I don’t perceive Valieva’s first place in the short program as “our answer”. I don’t even understand this terminology. Of course, what is happening to her raises a lot … Read more

Christmas and Pinturault in slalom, the women’s relay in biathlon… The French to follow this Wednesday at the Beijing Olympics

First round from 3:15. France team: Clément Noël (bib 4), Alexis Pinturault (bib 8). Second round from 6:45. Training, then rounds 1 and 2 from 2h40. France team: Romain Heinrich, Lionel Lefebvre, Dorian Hauterville and Jérôme Laporal. Rounds 3 and 4 from 7:10 a.m.. France team: Margot Boch and Clara Sénéchal. Biathlon – Relay 4×6 … Read more

On the seventh day of the 2022 Olympics, 7 sets of medals will be played

In Beijing (China) on Friday, February 11, the next six sets of awards of the XXIV Winter Olympics will be played. Starts in 11 sports will take place on the seventh day of the White Games 2022, Ukrinform reports. The final competitions will be held with the participation of Ukrainians in alpine skiing (Anastasia Shepilenko), … Read more

Figure skater Kamila Valieva did not have time to warm up before free skating at OI-22

Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva appeared on the ice right before the free program, without having time to warm up. The turn of the athlete was announced, but she forgot to stand in the starting position. But then she nevertheless got up, but not for free skating, but for a short program. Russian figure skater … Read more