Destroyed! Beterbiev declassed the American champion in 5 minutes

Alexander Frolov

Alexander Frolov

Artur Beterbiev - Joe Smith

Arthur dismantled the formidable Smith, like a novice boxer.

Light heavyweight has long been the domain of Russian boxers. Three of the four main championship belts were held by our compatriots. Today, dominance could become complete: Arthur Beterbiev entered the ring with Joe Smith take away the WBO belt. The Russian put the IBF and WBC championship titles on the line. By the way, there were no unification fights in the light heavyweights for a long time, which added “zest”.

Of course, Beterbiev was considered the favorite of the fight. On paper, he was literally better than his opponent in everything: in skills, technique, endurance. Even Smith’s main trump card – his heavy “mallet”, could not be compared with the grandiose indicator of Arthur, knocking out 100% of his rivals. However, there was no need to relax, since Joe is a classic example of a boxer who does not give up until the final gong.

Another intrigue was the introduction of Beterbiev. It’s no secret that after the well-known political events, big “boxing bumps” began to put pressure on Arthur. There was only one requirement for him – to start performing under the flag of Canada, where Beterbiev has been living for a long time. How Artur, whom Ramzan Kadyrov ardently supports, will cope with this awkward situation, both his supporters and enemies wanted to see. Everything was resolved beautifully: Arthur and Joe just went to the ring without flags.

Smith clearly made a bet on the starting assault: from the first seconds, the American ran into Beterbiev with sweeping blows. Arthur did not try to fight back, carefully retreated and aimed his signature blow. At the end of the first round, Smith was knocked down, but he was not shocked – he got up very quickly. The second round – and again Joe flies forward, but Beterbiev is more accurate and quickly knocks down the opponent! The Russian “felt the blood” and began to literally beat the Beast from the West. Soon the referee stopped the fight – Beterbiev’s victory in the second round!


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