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Chimaev: I’m from Chechnya, we eat gangsters for breakfast

© Photo: Instagram.com/khamzat_chimaevKhamzat Chimaev

MOSCOW, July 26 – /strong>. UFC star, Swede of Chechen origin Khamzat Chimaev shared his opinion on his next fight against American Nate Diaz, noting that the MMA veteran should not be written off, reports MMAJunkie.
Recall that the fight will take place on the night of September 11 Moscow time in Las Vegas (USA) and will be the main event of the UFC 279 tournament.

“Diaz is still dangerous. He fights until the last second. I’m happy to fight him. He is one of the legends. He is one of those people who everyone says:” Gangster, gangster. “I’m going to show who the real gangster is. As I said, I’m from Chechnya. We eat gangsters for breakfast,” Chimaev said.

Chimaev is 27 years old, he has 11 victories in mixed martial arts and not a single defeat. All victories, except for the last one, he won ahead of schedule no later than the second round.
Diaz is 37 years old and has 20 wins and 13 losses. In March 2015, he inflicted the first defeat in the UFC to the Irishman Conor McGregor, who later became the organization’s first ever two-weight champion. Diaz last fought in June last year, losing to Briton Leon Edwards.



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