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Chris Gayle during batting (Photo Source - Twitter / T-10 Kerala Nights)

Chris Gayle wins 2 million lawsuit, charged with having a nude in front of a masseur | Chris Gayle News

wins 2 million lawsuits, charged with having a nude in front of a masseur, : Three months in the past, the courtroom had said the newspaper’s information becomes false, in which Chris Gayle had become nude in the front of a massage girl.

and veteran batsman Chris Gayle has received the defamation match within the Australian newspaper in 2015-sixteen and has received the amount of $ three million. Let us tell that three months ago the courtroom had advised the newspaper’s news in a fake statement that Chris Gayle had come to be nude in the front of a massage girl. In this regard, Gayle had sued defamation on this newspaper, which brought about the Supreme Court’s judgment in New South Wales in Australia that Gayle was now not determined responsible.

Fairfax Media, the publisher of Sydney Morning Herald and The Edge on T20 Superstar Gayle, had alleged that in the World Cup in 2015 he had done this in the dressing room. It is outstanding that the 2015 World Cup changed into collectively prepared in Australia and New Zealand. In this situation, the woman therapist had additionally said that Gail had grown to be naked in the front of him and behaved indecently, on which he cried cramped. While the newspaper had posted this news, Gayle sued defamation and challenged it to court.

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While saying their selection in this complete trouble, the panel of 4 judges refused to accept the media group’s plea in which that they had stated that keeping the general public interest in mind, they posted the news. The judge admitted that this news has affected expert life as a Gayle batsman, but the female agreed with Fairfax because of which it can not be taken into consideration too serious case. On the plea of Fairfax, the choose said that the newspaper revealed the news without sufficient scrutiny, which has to result in action towards them.

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