Chronicle of the main madness of the African Cup – the Comoros lost without a real keeper. Left back in goal (conceded only 2 goals)

Here we watched the brightest match of the day – Cameroon defeated the Comoros 2:1 in the 1/8 African Cup.

Comoros played without a real goalkeeper. The place at the gate was taken by left-back Shaker Al-Khadur.

This guy was opposed by the strongest attack in the tournament – Cameroon (by the way, the host of the African Cup) scored 7 goals in the group with Burkina Faso, Cape Verde and Ethiopia. Based on Comoros: Vincent Abubakar (ex-Porto, 5 goals in the tournament), Eric Choupo-Moting (Bayern), Carl Toko-Ekambi (Lyon, top scorer of the Europa League 2021/22), André -Frank Zambo-Angissa (Napoli)

23:55 That’s it, Cameroon wins 2:1.

The referee whistled a few seconds before the end of stoppage time as the Comoros rushed in for the last attack. Another strange decision.

23:52 Al-Khadour’s fourth save sounds like a normal thing, doesn’t it? He put his fists under the shot from outside the penalty area. I didn’t catch it – I did everything right.

23:47 Pause due to medical assistance. We are waiting for Al-Khadur in the penalty area of ​​Cameroon for the final assault. Yes, he does not stand out for his height, but he must be true to the goalkeeper tradition.

23:43 Comoros 1:2! They don’t give up. Fantastic beautiful free-kick from Yussouf Mshangama. The intrigue lives on.

23:32 Still, 2:0 in favor of Cameroon. Abubakar opened well behind the backs of the defenders, set up the body, with a feint deceived Al-Khadur, who meekly fell in front of the forward.

And again a long celebration. Abubakar breaks away in the scorer race – six goals against three from the closest pursuers.

23:26 Cameroon put the second, but after an obvious offside. Comoros still dream of recouping – still 1-0. Already 67 minutes behind.

23:21 Now Al-Khadur has the second highest saves among all Comoros goalkeepers in the tournament. Ali Ahamada also repelled 3 blows – but in 154 minutes. Al-Khadur played only 60. Ben Buan is hard to catch up with 11 saves.

23:16 Double save from Al-Khadur! Abubakar tried to repeat the trick of Toko-Ekambi with a weak but accurate kick into the corner – Shaker beat it to the side. Immediately on Ngamela – but Al-Khadur managed to jump to his feet and once again save the team.

23:10 There is a save from Al-Khadur! Yes, and what – Abubakar hit his head without guardianship, the goalkeeper folded and hit the ball with his foot. Excellent choice of position.

23:08 The second half has started.

Interesting information on the red card – journalist Gary Al-Smith, who is at the stadium, noticed on Twitter that immediately after the removal, the entire composition of the Comoros went to the edge, discussing leaving the field. But the idea was quickly abandoned.

22:51 Calm ending of the first half, Cameroon leads 1-0, hitting the target only once in 45 minutes. Al-Khadur has no saves yet, only tips for teammates on corners and one bright exit from the gate with a header.

Comoros are holding up with dignity.

22:35 Comoros! Just two shots on target – and very dangerous. Onana has established himself as the only real goalkeeper on the field.

Cameroon is now 1-3 behind on shots on target.

22:30 Cameroon scored – 1:0. The Komoros did not prepare another clearance, the hosts covered high and quickly delivered the ball to the penalty area. Everything was done qualitatively there: Abubakar drove to Toko-Ekambi, and he hit not very hard, but right in the corner. Cold-blooded and correct decision.

Al-Khadur only fell to his knees again. He lacks either reaction or growth to have time to stretch. Well, technology, of course.

22:26 Uffff! Al-Khadour heads out! He jumped out almost to the penalty line and shot the ball forward. Fists are for the weak.

22:25 Al-Khadur touched the ball! The defender blocked Shupo-Moting’s shot, the goalkeeper took the ball already on the front. And then risky, but accurately knocked into the center of the field.

22:22 Very dangerous for the Comoros. At first, Cameroon threatened from a direct free kick – Al-Khadur confidently ran on the front and saw the ball out of the goal. But then Toko-Ekambi flew off to the attack – he shook the defender and beat him in the middle. The goalkeeper only fell to his knees – there was not enough reaction to push off.

But again, off target.

22:15 Cameroon tried to shoot from afar – the first shot, but not on target. Al-Khadur has been holding on for 13 minutes already, for all the time he strangely jumped out to a cross, which was intercepted by a defender.

22:10 Comoros are in the minority. The referee looked at the VAR and sent off Najim Abdu for a foul on Mumi Ngamale (right winger of Cameroon). The violation looks serious, but the straight red seems to be too much.

22:03 The Comoros were the first to create the moment – wow! Long-range free kick, Andre Onana awkwardly tried to catch the ball. With the selection again, it did not work out.

22:00 The match has started! Al-Khadur at the gate. Comoros played the ball from the center and knocked out, trying to give a long pass.

21:50 The announcer at the stadium in Yaounde announced that Ali Ahamada will appear at the gates of the Comoros. Although he cannot play under the covid protocol. In the applications of the teams for the game it is clearly indicated that the goalkeeper is Shaker Al-Khadur.

What’s happening? Why is there no goalkeeper?
On Sunday, 12 positive tests were recorded. 7 – for players, including keepers Ali Ahamad and Moyad Usseini. After that, Comoros had no healthy goalkeepers left: the first number of the national team, Salim Ben-Buana, was injured in a match with the Ghana national team – he caught a gross violation from Andre Aiyu (then everything ended with a removal).

The regulations are strict – the match will take place if there are at least 11 players with a negative test. If there is not a single goalkeeper among them, the game is still not canceled – a field player appears at the gate.

The most annoying thing is that goalkeeper Ali Ahamada passed a negative test on Monday morning! He would be extremely useful – he started the tournament in the first team. But the covid protocol forbids his participation. Those who pass a positive test must go into 5-day isolation – Ali Ahamad’s period is counted from January 22

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