Bednar: Colorado’s Game 2 NHL Finals Close to Perfection

MOSCOW, June 19 – Colorado Avalanche head coach Jared Bednar said his team’s performance was close to perfection in Game 2 of the NHL playoff final against the Tampa Bay Lightning.
The meeting in Denver (USA) on Sunday night ended with a score of 7:0 in favor of the hosts, who extended their winning streak in the playoffs to seven games, setting a club record. The first star of the meeting was recognized as the Russian forward Valery Nichushkin, who scored a double. The Avalanches had their biggest shutout in a Stanley Cup Final since Pittsburgh defeated Minnesota 8-0 in 1991.
“It was the closest game you can get from your players to perfection,” the Associated Press quoted Bednar as saying after the game.
“They’re playing at an elite level now, to their credit, we’re not. They’re two good teams, they’re just at a much higher level now,” Lightning coach John Cooper said.
The score in the series to four wins was 2-0 in favor of Colorado, the next game will be held on June 21 on the ice of Tampa.



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