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Coach has a big role behind David Warner being the best batsman; Coach his mother

A great coach refines his student, removes the dust on his ability, and makes him shine like a diamond. By not counting mistakes, which enhances the natural ability of their students.

David Warner
David Warner

There is a recognition of good coaches and such coaches are not only in the club or the academy but are often found at home. Due to such a coach, the life of Australian batsman David Warner changed and he became one of the most dangerous batsmen in the world.

His mother is instrumental in making Warner the most dangerous batsman in the world, who became his coach and enhanced his ability. He taught them to play naturally. Born in Sydney on October 27, 1986, Warner ventured into international cricket in 2009, although it was not easy to reach him if he did not get the best coach as his mother.

From school days, Warner was fond of playing cricket. When he was 10 years old, his father gifted him a low-budget bat and advised him not to break it.

Warner was a left-handed batsman. He used to shoot in the air with his left hand. Which was also considered his weakness. But his high school coach asked him to bat with the right hand. So that he could not shoot in the air and the risk of getting out was less.

At the behest of the school coach, Warner started batting with the right hand, but after that, his performance level started falling. Warner’s confidence was shaken by a coach’s advice. In this situation, his mother Shaila Warner played the role of coach and taught his student to believe in himself.

Warner’s mother advised him not to make any changes in his natural game and to continue batting with his left hand. His mother started guiding him like a coach all the time. As a result of which, he broke the record of the most runs scored by Sydney Coastl Cricket Club at the Under 16 level.

He made his first-grade debut at the age of 15 on behalf of Eastern Sabers Club and after that he toured Sri Lanka for Australia’s Under 19 team. A mother’s advice and enthusiasm showed David Warner the path to success.

Following the advice of his mother, Warner started batting with his left hand and now he has a habit of hitting shots in the air. Due to these shots, every bowler in the world is also frightened.

From Warner Australia, scored 7 thousand 244 in 84 Test matches, 5 thousand 267 in 123 ODIs, and 2 thousand 207 runs in 79 T20 matches. (With agency input)

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