On June 19, the Colorado Avalanche vs. Tampa Bay Lightning will play their second game in the NHL Finals. The beginning of the meeting is at 3:00 Moscow time. Bookmakers have already made a prediction for the game, they give preference to the hosts. You can bet on the victory of “Colorado” with a coefficient of 1.72, the success of “Tampa” is estimated at bookmakers at 2.12.

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Bookmakers odds for Game 2 of the NHL Playoff Finals Colorado Avalanche vs Tampa Bay Lightning June 19, 2022

Bookmakers believe that the second match of the NHL playoff final “Colorado” – “Tampa Bay” will please with performance: the total over 5.5 goals is estimated at 1.69, and the total under 5.5 goals is 2.18. You can bet on a goal in the first eight minutes of a match with odds of 1.83. On a draw in regular time, bookmakers offer to bet for 4.30.

Colorado – Tampa Bay: analysis and prediction for the second match of the Stanley Cup final (06/19/22)

On Sunday, the Ball Arena in Denver will host Game 2 of the NHL Playoff Finals, in which Colorado will try to get the maximum lead from Thursday’s 4-3 win. However, Tampa has its own plans. John Cooper’s team regularly fails at the start, but always accelerates after defeats in the current playoffs. It is worth waiting for the right reaction from the champion.

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What awaits CSKA with Fedotov? No immediate results

Before the start of the first match of the series, everyone predicted a serious test for Colorado, which had not yet faced an opponent of this level in defense. However, then it was necessary to note that Tampa had not yet resisted such a bright and organized attack. On Thursday, we saw precisely those “avalanches” sweeping everyone out of their way already in the opening.

The Avalanche outplayed the opponent in literally every attacking category of statistics. They were noticeably better on shots (38 vs. 23), created almost twice as many dangerous chances and should have won by at least two goals on expected goals. At the same time, Landeskog scored literally from nothing, and McKinnon calmly outplayed the Lightning defense, even though he scored only an assist.

Valery Nichushkin played brilliantly: the Russian striker had a goal, a crossbar and an assistant score for Burakovsky’s winning goal in overtime. And his overall contribution to the victory certainly cannot be underestimated. The Russian not only became the most active player of the match with six shots on target, but also constantly put pressure on the opponent without the puck.

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England and France are in crisis, Brazil is the favourite. Who will win the 2022 World Cup?

By and large, the fact that the game got to extra time, “avalanches” can only blame themselves. Indeed, at the right time, they could not crush the wrong opponent. However, in overtime, Colorado feels too good – in this playoff, the team won the fourth victory and always scored in the first nine minutes.

Nevertheless, even if in the end the attack of the “avalanches” was able to beat the opponent on home ice without looking back at their own goals, but “Tampa” still had a chance to turn the game around in just a minute. In general, the fact that the Lightning moved the match to extra time only confirms the usual style of play of the Cooper team – in almost any difficult situation they are able to pull out the desired result.

In fact, the “Tampa” almost from the very beginning, everything did not go according to plan. Andrei Vasilevsky again received many well-deserved compliments for his game, but in general he did not have the most ideal match. For the first time in his career, the Russian goalkeeper conceded three goals in the first period of the match in the playoffs, and at least in one of the episodes he could definitely have acted better.

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Without greatness, but with a trophy: what awaits Spartak under Abaskal

However, there were obviously no less questions for the defense. Victor Hedman’s link in the first period barely coped with the opponent under pressure, making mistakes even with the removal of the puck from his own zone. And the strong Cirelli trio, which was famous for its defensive work against Zibanejad’s link in the conference final with the Rangers, could not cope with the leaders of the Colorado.

But even with such a serious number of mistakes for the current champion in the away match, Tampa had every chance not only to win back, which she did, but also to snatch victory. Nikita Kucherov effectively dribbled around opponents, at one point he made his 100th assist in the playoffs. A very important goal was scored by Mikhail Sergachev, who turned the game into overtime.

The first match of the final was not a special revelation. However, one team took advantage of its advantage and deservedly pulled out the home victory, and the second made a mistake more than necessary, but it made mistakes throughout the playoffs. For “Tampa” nothing irreparable happened, because the opening games of the “lightning” fail almost stably. They responded powerfully to 0:5 from Toronto and 2:6 from Rangers, even if in the second case they still lost.

The defense of “Colorado” also did not shine with reliability. And the team is still not playing at full power due to the still missing Kadri in the attack. The Lightning had a good chance to cling to the victory on Thursday, but now there are no less of them. And our opinion, even more.

If Vasilevsky, Hedman and Cirelli have a better day, then it will become easier to restrain the opponent’s impulses. And the Tampa offense with Kucherov and Stamkos knows when and how to push. Even if the guests do not win again, they will definitely fight to the end. In our opinion, it is worth taking a closer look at the bet “Tampa will not concede in regular time” with a coefficient of 1.68.

Colorado – Tampa Bay: prediction and bet for the 2nd game of the NHL playoff finals on June 19, 2022

After the first match of the finals, Tampa’s head coach John Cooper rightly noted that his team was too far from the model of its best hockey, but still had a chance to win. And this is true, because, despite all the advanced statistics, which are in full on the side of Colorado, and the final score, this meeting did not take place with a big advantage of one of the teams. “Tampa” again did not support the frantic pace of the opponent at the start, made quite a lot of mistakes, but by the end of the game they adapted and looked more holistic. After defeats in the first playoff matches on the road, the Lightning always looked confident in the next ones. We are waiting for a reaction from the champion even now, because we can no longer take risks – this is the final.

Bid: Tampa won’t lose in regular time at 1.68.

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