On June 19, the Colorado Avalanche vs. Tampa Bay Lightning will play their second match in the Stanley Cup Final. The meeting starts at 3:00 Moscow time. Bookmakers have already made a prediction, they give preference to the hosts. You can bet on the Avalanche victory in regular time with a coefficient of 2.16, the success of Lightning is available in bookmakers for 3.02.

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Colorado Avalanche vs. Tampa Bay Lightning Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals on June 19, 2022

Bookmakers believe that the second match of the Stanley Cup final “Colorado” – “Tampa Bay” on June 19 will be productive: the total over 5.5 goals goes for 1.76, and the total under 5.5 goals goes for 2.30. You can bet on a goal in the first 10 minutes at bookmakers with odds of 1.64. On a draw in regular time, they offer to bet for 4.80.

Colorado – Tampa Bay: prediction and analysis of the second match of the NHL playoff finals (06/19/2022)

The second game of the Stanley Cup final between the Colorado Avalanche and the Tampa Bay Lightning is scheduled for June 19 in the National Hockey League. It will take place on the ice of the Ball Arena in Colorado, the first face-off will take place at 3:00 Moscow time. After the first game, Colorado took the lead in the series, the Avalanches are set to deprive Andrei Vasilevsky of the third Stanley Cup.

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CSKA in the new season: Fedotov will not bring trophies, but there will be medals

In the first match, as expected, there was a parade of goals. Not 8:6, as Colorado had in the opening match with Edmonton, but also bright. The hosts won 4-3 in overtime. Gabriel Landeskog opened the scoring in the eighth minute of the meeting, and less than two minutes later Valery Nichushkin doubled the lead with an accurate shot, scoring the sixth goal in the current playoffs.

Why Colorado beat Tampa in Game 1 of the Finals.

Nick Paul from Tampa strongly disagreed with such a start and in the 13th minute played one puck. True, towards the end of the first period, Artturi Lehkonen from Avalanche again strengthened the advantage of the hosts. In the second twenty-minute period, only the guests scored: first, Ondrej Palat reduced the gap with the transfer of Nikita Kucherov, and after 48 seconds, Mikhail Sergachev equalized the score.

For the Russian defender, this is the second goal in the current playoffs, but what an important one! Nikita Kucherov also became the third player in NHL history after Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux to score 90 points in three seasons in the Stanley Cup. Very good. However, as we have already said, Colorado was determined that evening.

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In overtime, the victory for the Avalanches was brought by a goal by Andre Burakovsky. The pass was given by Valery Nichushkin, who in total earned 1+1 in the match. The Russian striker was very noticeable in the game. Yes, and he is also good in the playoffs – he has already scored 11 points in 15 meetings. Now it looks like the Dallas Stars are biting their elbows. Their commentator even wrote about it on his page in social networks.

Returning to the series of these teams, it is worth noting that Tampa was good. Let’s not be able to snatch victory. The Avalanche offense was simply better in this case. But things are more interesting with the goalkeeper line. Andrey Vasilevsky saved 34 out of 38 shots on Tampa’s goal, and Darcy Kemper managed to parry 20 out of 23. The guests made almost half as many shots on the hosts’ goal, which is even a little strange.

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In part, this is a good home defense game. And in general, in the match, the Lightning were in the role of catching up. Unusual state for this team. Although the game tone was on their side. However, ahead of the second match of the series. Here, the hosts have good statistics: they have not lost on their ice for three matches in a row. In addition, in the current NHL playoffs, they lost only twice to St. Louis in the last 15 games. Powerful.

“Tampa”, of course, will try to improve for the first defeat. We will most likely see more Avalanche shots in Game 2. It is dangerous for the latter because of not the most reliable goalkeeper line. Andrey Vasilevsky before the start of the final was rightfully considered the trump card of the reigning champions. However, the Russian still remains one. The goalkeeper line of the hosts is really weaker.

Darcy Kemper’s numbers are worse. In 11 playoff games, he has a save percentage of 89.49%, while Vasilevsky has a save percentage of 92.59%. Obviously better. However, it seems that the teams will continue to keep the trend for riding matches. The fact is that opponents in this Stanley Cup game scored an average of three or more goals per match. Both have good offense.

Plus, in the last six face-to-face meetings, only once the total was below 5.5 goals. So it makes sense to check such a bet now. Total over 5.5 goals in bookmakers is offered for an acceptable odds of 1.76. However, we would take another option. Namely, the bet that Colorado will not lose through a total of more than 4.5 goals. The coefficient is 1.99.

Even with the onslaught from the guests, I think, at least in regular time, the hosts will not lose. Still, on their ice, as we have said, they look great. The second point – “Tampa” harnesses for a long time and holds the starting games of the series unstably, this was often the case in the current draw. Apparently, we are waiting for a scenario similar to the first meeting.

“Colorado” – “Tampa Bay”: prediction and bet on the 2nd match of the Stanley Cup final on June 19, 2022

“Colorado” due to the excellent attack snatched a victory from “Tampa”. In the second match, the guests will intensify the pressure on the Avalanches gate, but, I think, the Avalanche attack will block the problems of their goalkeeper line. At home, at home and with their fans, the hosts are good. For now, we’ll give preference to Avalanches, but you shouldn’t reset Lightning in this series, they will still turn on.

Bid: Colorado won’t lose + over 4.5 goals for 1.99.

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