There is such a common phrase: “Exiting the comfort zone.” But there is another one that almost no one knows: “Everyone talks about how to get out of the comfort zone, but no one talks about how to enter it.”

Grigory Bakhin

Grigory Bakhin

psychologist, coach, goal achievement expert

What is a comfort zone for a person and how does he behave in it?

What is a comfort zone

In short, this is a familiar environment for a person, where he practically does not need to make any efforts, where there are no experiences.

A simple example: when a person drives in the morning along a familiar route, he is in a comfort zone. But if some kind of dangerous maneuver occurs or an unknown route arises, while it is still necessary to arrive on time and not get stuck in a traffic jam, then the person begins to tense up and experience a certain stress.


In a familiar environment, a person, as a rule, behaves calmly and confidently, because there is control over the situation and there is a well-established algorithm, ritual. For example, you get up at 8:00 in the morning, brush your teeth, pour your favorite muesli with yogurt, make coffee, leave the house at 9:30 and at 10:30 you are already at work. Everything is standard, understandable and predictable, what to worry about?


Now let’s imagine what your behavior will be if you have your first working day at a new job, and at the same time in a company where you have long wanted to get into? Or did you decide to get up not at the usual 8:00, but at 6:00 in order to be in time for a run?

These are new actions that are knocked out of the usual rhythm, somewhere even a completely new experience for a person. And no one knows whether this experience will be positive or negative. Hence doubts, uncertainty, worries, excitement and even fear. Do I need to expand my comfort zone to develop? And how to do it right?

5 ways to expand your comfort zone

First you need to decide in which direction to move. Because there is nothing worse than starting a new business with “bestial zeal.” Pick one to get started. You should not drastically change jobs, immediately engage in a new sport, while still changing your place of residence and learning a new profession.

No need to try to cover everything at once. If you have never gone for a run at 6:00 in the morning, you should start gradually, step by step, with small distances. Because if you immediately swing for 10-15 km, perhaps this will be your last run and you will never leave your comfort zone.


Any new business is stressful for the body, therefore you need to listen to how the body and mind react on him. You should be sensitive. For example, if you have just started playing sports, then do not demand big records from yourself, do not overload yourself. Everything should be in pleasure, it is through pleasure and awareness that the comfort zone expands.

Each of us experiences life crises, through which the personality grows. These crises and challenges can be natural, or they can be artificially created, such as popular challenges such as Race Heroes and Become Human. Why has trail running and sky running become popular?

A person always challenges himself, he wants to explore the limits of his body, spirit, mind, so he constantly pushes himself to new adventures. Sometimes you need to turn off your head and inner fears, take a step forward to try something new.


Fight internal boundaries. There are many limiting beliefs in your comfort zone. For example, “I want to run a marathon, but… / I want to play volleyball, but… / I want to change jobs, but…”. You can and should work with these internal barriers, you can try to work them out on your own, or you can contact a specialist.

I always say that the main task of a person is to make him feel comfortable. Pay attention to yourself, notice yourself: in negotiations, sports, hobbies, how muscles react and tighten, what your body feels, what thoughts are in your head, etc.

Because any way out of the comfort zone is self-knowledge, this is a resource that should be a joy.

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