AT Elden Ring many additional quests, each of which expands the history of the world, allows the player to find a variety of items and helps to get unique endings. One of the longest quest lines belongs to the snow-white witch Rennie.

For her instructions, you have to go down to a dangerous underground city and defeat several very dangerous bosses. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete her mission and unlock a unique Elden Ring ending unlike any other.

First meeting with Rennie. How to meet a witch and get a summoning bell

The player can meet the witch at the very beginning of the game. After entering the open world, you need to go a little north and get to the temple of Elle. In this location, the traveler will be able to upgrade weapons for the first time on the anvil, buy useful items from the merchant, and get an artifact to summon companions.

First you need to talk to Melina and open the mount. Detailed information about obtaining a horse can be found in our separate article. We return to the temple of Elle and activate the place of grace. We rewind the time in the corresponding menu for the night. After resting nearby, a mysterious character in white clothes and with blue skin will appear on the stones – this is Rennie.

We talk with the witch and select the option “I can summon a ghostly horse.” As a gift, we will receive a “Bell for summoning spirits” and “Ashes of lone wolves.” This time, the witch will call herself Renna, but at the next meeting, the girl will tell the hero her real name.

Rennie Tower. How to find a witch in Liurnia

The next meeting with Rennie will take place much later. You need to get to the location of Lake Liurnia and go northwest to the ruined castle. The nearest place of grace is “Road to the estate.” The blacksmith Iji is also sitting near him, this is a close friend of Rennie, from whom you can upgrade weapons or buy blacksmith stones.

We leave to explore the location and in the northern part we find the boss – the royal knight Loretta. We defeat him, activate the place of grace and go outside the fortress through the upper left corner.

We follow east until we get to the Rennie tower. Climb to its top and talk to the witch. Select the option “Serve Rennie the Sorceress”. This action will activate the quest. We go down to the lower tiers of the tower and talk in turn with all the witch’s servants – the blacksmith Idzhi, the magician Seluvis and the warrior Blyde. Now the player will have to find a way to the secret underground city of Nokron.

Please note that the witch may not appear in the tower. This means that the player has previously sinned, that is, killed a neutral character. In this case, you need to get heavenly dew. The first item can be found next to the gate after the seal is broken inside the sorcerer’s academy.

We follow to the Temple of Oaths, which is located in the center of Lake Liurnia and use the statue to remove sins. Rennie should now appear in her tower. The same technique will help if you quarreled with another character or turned him against yourself. Keep in mind – you can’t revive anyone in Elden Ring.

How to get to the underground city of Nokron

To visit the Eternal City, players will have to defeat the story boss Radan. But before that, you need to get more information about him. To do this, you should take turns talking with Idgie, Seluvis and Blyde. The first is located near the place of grace “Road to the estate”, the magician has a personal tower near Rennie, and Blyde is already waiting at the mouth of the Siofra River. But first, Seluvis.

From Rennie’s tower we follow south and get to the Seluvis tower to take the quest. We talk with the magician, he will give a potion that needs to be given to a girl named Nefeli. In general, you don’t need to give the potion away, it’s better to leave it for another character, since Nefeli also has her own quest line with a good reward – a blacksmith’s stone at +25. Therefore, you can deceive Seluvis and say that the potion has been given away – then we will receive a letter.

We leave for the Ruins of the settlement, which are located in the Graveyard. In the basement we defeat the easy boss, open the door and get acquainted with Selena.

We transfer the letter of Seluvis to the sorceress. The girl will give the hero useful information and offer to kill Radan. She can also immediately buy a few spells. Now we go to the forest of Zamogilya and go down underground to the Siofra River, where you need to find Blyde and tell him what you heard.

We get to Blyde and inform him about Radan. The warrior will tell the hero about the festival taking place in the castle of the Red Mane.

We get to the point of grace “Impassable great bridge” and use the portal nearby to get to the required location.

Here you need to talk with the old man, who is located in the far part of the castle. After that, a big festival will begin in the fortress, to which various adventurers gather in order to kill Radan and get his power. And this is for you to do.

How to defeat Radan Starbane

The fight with the Starbane is one of the most difficult in the game, especially for an unprepared hero. In the battle with Radan, the player can use the golden summon signs in the arena to connect neutral characters to the battle. During the entire fight, even after their death, you can re-activate new marks for the call. This will greatly reduce the complexity of the battle.

Before the start of the battle, you still need to run to Radan, this is done in two phases. During the first, watch out for his shots and dodge at the very last moment or hide behind the debris scattered throughout the battlefield. After three volleys, Radan will start to release a whole fan of spears and launch them into the air – at this moment it is better to immediately jump on a horse and run diagonally towards Radan, gradually reducing the distance.

Recommendations for killing Radan are standard: learn his patterns and hit animations. If you can’t kill the boss for a long time, then first of all you need to improve the current weapons and pump a little. To destroy the boss, you can use different methods and builds. Adepts of hand-to-hand combat need to carefully monitor the attacks of the Starbane and respond, making sure that the maneuver is safe, the mages can cast spells on Radan while sitting on the back of the Torrent. Fans of other builds can try to bring down a warrior with crossbows and bows.

Be especially careful when moving into the second phase, when Radan will rapidly fly into space and bring a huge burning star from there – it is better to dodge this, otherwise he will one-shot. After returning, the boss will acquire new dangerous attacks.

How to get down to Nokron, get the Fingerslayer Blade and find the ashes of the false tear

After defeating Radan, a short cutscene will play, in which another meteor will land on the ground. We teleport to the place of grace “Fort Haight, West” and follow to the large crater. Previously, this hole in the ground did not exist.

We go down on the right side down and pass into the cave. We continue the descent and through a small tunnel we get to the Eternal City.

We move from one house to another, exit to the next control point and move forward until we find ourselves on a long bridge.

We pass along it and after a large arch we go down to the left to the place of grace “Forest of Ancestors”. The screenshot above shows the correct route to the safe point.

From it you need to jump onto a small ledge of a neighboring building. Next, we jump from one building to another and through the roof of the tower we get to the platform.

The hero will be attacked in turn by silver tears. We defeat both opponents, we go around the corner and along a narrow bridge we reach a large church.

In one of the passages behind the white fog, you can get the “False Tear Ashes”. To do this, you need to activate the gargoyle with the xiphoid key and remove the veil.

We get down to the lower floor and go outside. Nearby you need to activate the place of grace.

We run in a straight line to a small building, climb the stairs and in the chest we find the “Finger Killer Blade”.

How to get and activate the Carian Upside Down Statue. Where to find the Mark of the Curse

We return to the Rennie tower and talk to the witch. The sorceress will provide the hero with the artifact “Karian Inverted Statue”.

We move to the place of grace “Entrance to the reading room” and activate the received item on the pedestal with a large ball. This action will flip the tower.

Now you need to go down to the very bottom of the location. First, we jump over the abyss and through the hole in the wall we get into a large area. Be careful – any fall will lead to the death of the hero. We go down the edge and get to a long narrow platform in the center of the tower. The player will be attacked by a strong magician, who is guarded by ghostly knights.

It is not necessary to fight them, just run to this platform and jump down onto the chandelier. We use round lamps and wooden beams to get to the elevator.

We activate the button and leave the room on a large long bridge. We run straight to the Sacred Tower of Liurnia.

At its top we will find the “Sign of Curse”. With this artifact, the hero will be able to activate a unique ending at the very end of the game.

How to open a forgotten chest in Raya Lucaria’s library

We return to the Rennie tower and move from it to the north. This time you need to get to another building – the tower of Rennes. We rise to the very top and use the teleport, which will take the player to an underground location. We pass a little forward and raise the Rennie doll.

Nearby we activate a place of grace. Four times we talk with little Rennie – the corresponding menu item will be displayed on the screen. If this is not done, then the hero will not meet the ghost.

We run through the entire location and get to the place of grace “Noxtella Waterfall Pool”.

We pass through the cave and meet the red phantom “Sinister Shadow”. The easiest way to defeat him is with magic. As a reward, we will receive the “Discarded Chest Key”. Immediately go further and get down on the platform down to the lake of Rot to activate the place of grace.

We move to the Great Library of Raya Lukaria and get the “Ring of the Dark Moon” from the chest.

We return to the underground city and make our way through the lake of Rot to the next place of grace.

Safe platforms can be activated along the way, but the hero will still be under the influence of the negative effect. In the Great Cloister we go down and run to the open coffin. It is located at the edge of the abyss to the left of the large stairs with enemies.

Be careful – shrimp do a lot of damage and can easily kill a weak character. We activate the coffin and find ourselves in a large cave. We pass through the golden fog, behind which a strong boss is already waiting for the player.

How to defeat the boss Astel the Voidborn

The enemy constantly uses a variety of spells that cause great damage. Occasionally, the boss attacks with claws and a tail. Beware of rays. In addition, you will often have to run away from the enemy to avoid his attacks. Sometimes Astel will teleport to another location in the arena. When moving the enemy to another zone, the hero needs to run away so that the sphere that appears does not cause damage. Don’t forget to call a partner to distract the boss.

There is no perfect way to kill this enemy. If the battle is very difficult, then it is advisable to return to Astel later or take the help of other players.

How to complete Rennie’s quest and where to get the “Darkmoon Two-Handed”

After defeating the enemy, we pass through the cave, use the elevator and get out. We move forward to the Cathedral of Manus Celes. It is not necessary to kill the dragon along the way – just run around it and activate the place of grace. There is a pit near the safe point. We go down into the cave and at the very end we find Rennie.

After a short cut-scene, we talk with the sorceress and as a reward we get the legendary weapon “Two-handed of the dark moon”. This completes the witch’s quest. After defeating the final boss, the Beast of Elden, the player will be able to select the “Curse Mark” from the statue of Marika and trigger a special ending.

Upon completion of the quest, you can return to Rennie’s tower and kill Blyde, who feels a huge influx of jealousy towards Rennie. For defeating a warrior, the player will receive his set of armor and the weapon “Royal Two-Handed”.


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