Coronavirus: Shane Warne stopped fighting liquor to fight Covid-19, now sanitizer to be made in the same factory


The whole world is making every effort to avoid the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus.

Shane Warne
Shane Warne

In the opinion of experts, Coronavirus infection can be prevented to a large extent through social distancing. Doctors advising people to wash hands frequently and use sanitizer.

However, due to the sudden increase in demand. The sanitizer is not being supplied against the demand. For this reason, the price of sanitizer has increased manifold.

Australia’s spinner Shane Warne has taken an inspirational step to stop Coronavirus during such a crisis.

Warne has shaken the world’s batsmen with his leg-spin, has decided to produce sanitizer at his brewery factory. Warne himself has shared this information on his social media account. Warne’s company also manufactures brands of Seven Zero Eight.

According to Shane Warne, his company Seven Zero Eight will produce hand sanitizers until its need is eliminated. Warne said that the production of alcohol in his company has been stopped to make sanitizer.

Shane Warne has shared a post related to this on his Instagram account. In this, they have also been advised to take necessary steps to avoid an epidemic like coronavirus.

Explain that Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison had urged all companies to increase the production of sanitizer. Warne’s company accepted his Prime Minister’s request with pleasure.

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