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Coronavirus updates: IPL 2020 Sourav Ganguly Indian Premier League coronavirus outbreak Mumbai Indians vs Chennai super kings

Coronavirus updates: More than 30 people have been infected in India so far by coronavirus. More than 3200 people have died worldwide.

Sourav Ganguly, ipl 2020
Sourav Ganguly said that IPL is on. (Source- Social Media)

In Italy, visitors have been banned from going to any kind of match for a month. It was believed that Coronavirus would have an impact on IPL 2020 as well, but Sourav Ganguly, President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), has rejected it.

Gaguli said, “All the matches of the tournament will be on schedule. There is no problem anywhere. All necessary steps will be taken regarding coronavirus. “Ganguly was asked how ready the board is to deal with coronavirus and what effect it will have on the IPL.

Ganguly said,” IPL is on. ” It was said that BCCI officials are contacting the Union Sports Ministry for information about the current circumstances.

The board president continued, “England’s county team is touring around the world. He is also going to play in Abu Dhabi. There is no problem. “

The board has said that all players, franchisees, airlines, team hotels and all sides involved in the tournament will be asked to take necessary precautions and precautions in this regard. Players will also be asked not to shake hands with the fans.

60 foreign players will play in the IPL. These will come from Australia, England, New Zealand, South Africa and West Indies, as well as many countries. Coronavirus has little effect in these countries.

Earlier the board had been denying that coronavirus would have any effect on IPL. Brijesh Patel had said, “There is no threat yet and we are monitoring the situation.”

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