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COVID-19: Ronaldinho played in lockdown with inmates Foot-volleyball

Coronavirus: Ronaldinho brother Roberte Essis, who was instrumental in getting Brazil the FIFA World Cup trophy, is currently in jail.


39-year-old Ronaldinho and 49-year-old Essis were arrested in Asunción on 4 March this month when the two allegedly entered Paraguay with fake passports.

Both have been in jail since 6 March. A few days ago, there were reports that Ronaldinho and Essis would not be allowed to meet anyone in jail due to Coronavirus.

However, in a recent video viral on social media, he is seen playing foot-volleyball. They are seen playing foot-volleyball with both feet and hands. He is accompanied by another man playing foot-volleyball.

Both are enjoying this game fiercely. Watching the video, it seems that there are some people on the other side of the net. However, his appearance is not visible.

Fans are also liking this video of Ronaldinho. Some fans are also bemoaning Ronaldinho’s fate. Many are also praising Ronaldinho’s vivacity. One fan said that he looked like a true human being. Who wants to live life in every situation.

Football journalist Ben Hayward, who shared the video on this, replied that yes I absolutely agree with you. Brazilians live happily even in difficult times. It seems that we all should learn from this.

Some are asking how many days or years Ronaldinho has been sentenced. Not only this, some people like Ronaldinho’s freedom so much that he is also demanding to stay in jail with this star footballer. @HSultanmamedov wrote, take me there too (jail). @usyfitt claimed that I too have lived in Paraguay prison. Ronaldinho was also in my room.

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