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CSKA – Krasnodar – 4:1, September 10, 2022: penalty record – three different players scored: Chalov, Carrascal, Medina


CSKA set a unique RPL record! Cool preparation from Vladimir Fedotov

Sergei Sorokin

This penalty trick has been played since the beginning of the season.

CSKA in Moscow effectively defeated Krasnodar in the 9th round of the RPL. The hosts won with a score of 4:1 and continue to fight for leadership with Zenit. But behind the high-profile statements of the participants in the refereeing match, a unique achievement, which the Moscow club has designed, almost got lost.

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CSKA got the right to take penalties three times during the match. In one of the moments, the intervention of VAR was required, twice the chief judge Sergei Ivanov himself made the decision to appoint a 11-meter penalty. Only for the eighth time in the history of the Russian championships, three penalties were awarded to the same team in a meeting.

CSKA – Krasnodar – 4: 1

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

So, Jorge Carrascal, Fedor Chalov and Jesus Medina (albeit from the second time) realized their attempts. All three penalties were scored. In the history of the Russian championships, this has happened only twice before: on April 27, 2017, Anji hosted Tom at home and got the opportunity to execute a 11-meter kick three times. Arsen Khubulov approached the ball time after time, who was invariably accurate. Vladislav Bezborodov served that meeting. The last penalty, which was converted in the 97th minute, saved the Makhachkala club from defeat.

And last year, Akhmat scored three penalties against one team. The meeting between Grozny and Khimki was served by Alexey Amelin, who upset the guests three times with his decisions. Artyom Timofeev took the first two blows. First, he distinguished himself by hitting the left “nine”, and then struck the lower right corner. The third penalty was entrusted to Mohamed Konata, who was accurate.

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But CSKA took three penalties in a unique way. Each of the kicks was delivered by a different player – therefore, for the first time in history, three different players from the same team scored a penalty in the same match. At the same time, the incident cannot be called an accident – the head coach of the team spoke about this.

Vladimir Fedotov

CSKA head coach

“As for penalties, we have three people signed up. There is a new performer, a new blow. The players have no thoughts about which corner to break through. Everything worked here.”

So far, the CSKA system on penalties is working flawlessly. The team converted all six 11-meter shots: two accurate shots were scored by Carrascal, Medina and Chalov.



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