CSKA does not take out without Akinfeev. Berezutsky’s team looked helpless with a competitor

Dmitry Zimin

Dmitry Zimin

CSKA - Sochi - 0:1

Sochi quietly won away, and the hosts also lost Akhmetov.

Many habitually underestimated Sochi before the spring part of the season. It just so happened that the southerners traditionally have a great autumn, and in the second part everything goes not so great. But this season is clearly different. The team hasn’t announced goals for a place in the top three, but it almost certainly will. Only three draws and one defeat this year. And now it’s quite a solid victory over CSKA – the main competitor in the fight for third place. Now Sochi has automatically raised its level – they claim silver. Probably, everything will be decided in the last round, when they are waiting for the match with Dynamo.

We can already say for sure: at the beginning of spring, we praised CSKA too much. Before the match with Sochi, the team of Vasily Berezutsky had only one victory in five matches. And despite the fact that the game was held in Moscow, the guests were the favorites. They haven’t lost since March, and last week they scored six goals against Rubin. Therefore, the mood clearly disposed to continue. The absence of Igor Akinfeev played in the minus of CSKA. The captain received a minor injury in the game with Akhmat and did not have time to recover. Therefore, Vladislav Torop, a guy who has playing practice only in the first stages of the Russian Cup, took the place at the gate. Of course, it was a risk. And Sochi seized the opportunity.

The guests scored almost in the first full-length attack – Joasinho hung from the flank to the center, the ball flew through the central defenders, and Makarchuk played great with his head. The blow turned out to be strong and accurate, so Torop did not have much chance. Rather, Mario Fernandez, who missed the player, can make claims to himself.

And then the match entered a strange phase: CSKA tried to control the ball, but the players made mistakes over and over again in simple situations. The Sochi team didn’t really want to play number one, but they had to – they obviously looked more organized and clearly understood what to do on the field. A quick rally in the opponent’s half of the field, a few dangerous moments – the hosts simply did not know what to oppose to this. And it’s also good that ten minutes after the first goal, Ivelin Popov got into a small offside position. Otherwise the score would have been 2:0.

Only by the 30th minute did CSKA have its first at least relatively dangerous moment. Gbamen threw the ball to the far post, where Fernandez could close, but he did not have time. Then a couple more too simple canopies. The team went to the break with too sad statistics – zero shots on target against three from the opponent.

In the second half, the only thing CSKA managed to do was to have more possession of the ball. The rest of the picture of the game has not changed. Sochi players confidently defended, not allowing to create panic in their own penalty area. Yes, there were fewer attacks, but this did not bother anyone. As if they originally planned to win exactly 1:0. And the idea was implemented without any problems. Berezutsky tried to speed up the pace with substitutions, but the opponent kept everything under absolute control. The only achievement of the second half is one shot on target. The army did not have enough strength for more.

In the end, there was an achievement with a minus sign – Ilzat Akhmetov made a mistake in the transmission, which Zaika took advantage of. The player threw the ball and could run out one on one. Akhmetov fouled, and the referee rightly showed him a red card.

“Spartak” smashed “Ural” in the first half. And then I stopped playing

Sochi confirmed the reputation of a very difficult opponent for CSKA. For three seasons, Muscovites scored only 5 points in matches with them. And after that, they also flew out of the struggle for the top three. Two rounds before the end, the gap is already 5 points.


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