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CSKA – Sochi – 3:0, match review, video, Medina’s double and Carrascal’s goal, Akinfeeva’s goal, July 23, 2022, 2nd round


The most powerful start of CSKA Fedotov. Even Akinfeev helped defeat Sochi!

Pavel Prokhorov

We came out on top with excellent statistics.

In August 2019, Vladimir Fedotov met with Sochi – then, as the head coach of Orenburg, he could not beat the southerners at home (1: 1). It is noteworthy that three years ago, as now (though now – formally), Sochi was headed by Alexander Tochilin. But the result turned out to be different – Fedotov, this time with CSKA, powerfully smashed Sochi

After the match of the first round, the head coach of CSKA did not change anything in the starting lineup. Unlike Vadim Garanin: he made two changes – he left Kirill Zaika and Joaozinho out of the start and released Nikita Burmistrov and Georgy Melkadze.

Despite the line-up changes, Sochi created almost nothing in attack in the first half. The southerners struck the only accurate blow when the score was 0:1 – in the 40th minute, Melkadze jumped one on one with Akinfeev after the transfer of Burmistrov, but Igor bailed out. CSKA, on the other hand, seized the initiative after the 15th minute, created a dangerous moment with Fedor Chalov’s strike at the post, and in the 36th minute opened the scoring thanks to a goal from Jesus Medina. The Paraguayan unstuck on a snatch from Sergei Terekhov and, breaking into the penalty area, struck Denis Adamov at hand – 1:0.

After the break, Joaozinho appeared on the field. He came out instead of Melkadze, who was the worst in Sochi in the first half. But this did not help the guests either – in the 56th minute, Jorge Carrascal took advantage of Igor Akinfeev’s pass (!) and, flying past Terekhov and handling the ball with one touch, accurately shot into the near corner of the goal – 2:0.

This assist Akinfeev was the first for him since May 2010, when he made an assist in the match against Terek. According to Opta Sports, for the entire last season in the RPL there was one assist from goalkeepers – Anton Shunin scored a score in the game with Akhmat.

In general, in the second half, the pattern of the game did not change much: CSKA refreshed the game with Anton Zabolotny and Nikita Ermakov. Sochi, having released Christian Noboa, was inactive in the attack and could close the gap in the score only in the 75th minute – Joaoozinho ran to the penalty area and shot hard near the post after the transfer of Ibragim Tsallagov.

CSKA – Sochi – 3:0

Photo: RIA Novosti

CSKA was closer to 3:0 than to 2:1. By the end of the match, Zabolotny did not get the ball after the transfer of Kirill Nababkin, and later the same Carrascal, who jumped out from behind the backs of the defenders, could not score a double. But already in stoppage time, Medina scored his second goal from the transfer of Vladislav Yakovlev.

Sochi ran out of resources in the middle of the second half. In addition to the release of Joaozinho and Noboa, Vadim Garanin did not have any trump cards up his sleeve. And CSKA Fedotov got off to a very strong start: two victories in a row, five goals scored, zero goals conceded, and first place.


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