The famous runner almost lost her hair while sprinting at the Worlds. But that didn’t stop her.

Angelina Nikolaeva

Angelina Nikolaeva

Curiosity at the World Championships in Athletics

Jamaican Shelley-Anne Fraser-Pryce brought a bagful of colorful wigs and several stylists to the tournament.

Another funny incident occurred at the World Championships in Athletics in Eugene, USA. The famous Jamaican athlete Shelley-Anne Fraser-Pryce managed to fix her bright wig during the 200-meter sprint, but even this did not stop her from qualifying.

Wig slipped off at the turn

Olympic champion Shelly-Anne Fraser-Pryce entered the 200m qualifying round in a turquoise wig with long flowing hair. During the race, when Fraser-Pryce entered the turn, the wig slipped off, and the girl had to raise her hand and spend about a second holding it. Despite this, she finished second in her heat in 22.26 seconds and advanced directly to the semi-finals.

Aminatou Seini of Niger won the race with a time of 21.98 seconds.

“Here I have several stylists”

It is worth noting that Shelly-Anne Fraser-Pryce often experiments with her hair. She said that she took 10 wigs to the World Championships in Eugene!

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

Photo: Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

“I took a separate bag for wigs and hair products. I prepared my hair, dyed it at home and packed it. Here I have several stylists who help me with wigs, this is the one I wore myself.”

Semi-final and final races will be held on July 20 and 22, respectively. And, it seems, the Jamaican athlete is ready to surprise spectators and rivals with new wigs from her collection. After all, the day before, 35-year-old Shelly-Anne won the World Cup gold in the 100 meters. For this distance, the Jamaican champion chose a blond wig with bright green strands.

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