On September 24, the match of the 5th round of the League of Nations Czech Republic – Portugal will take place. The start is at 21:45 Moscow time. Experts have already given a forecast, they consider the guests to be the favorites: you can bet on the victory of the Portuguese in bookmakers with a coefficient of 1.79. The success of the Czechs is estimated at 4.58. For a draw, they give a coefficient of 3.58.

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Bookmaker odds for the match of the 5th round of the League of Nations Czech Republic – Portugal on September 24, 2022

Bookmakers believe that the match Czech Republic – Portugal should not turn out to be productive: the total over 2.5 goals goes for 2.14, and the total under 2.5 goals – for 1.75. If the hosts score, the odds will be 1.63. Away goal is available at bookmakers with odds of 1.19. They offer to bet on “both teams to score” for 1.98.

Analysis and prediction for the match of the 5th round of the League of Nations Czech Republic – Portugal (24.09.2022)

The Czechs performed powerfully at the Euro a year ago, reaching the quarterfinals, but then the national team began to be updated and the results became noticeably worse. The first bell rang when the team finished only third in qualifying for the 2022 World Cup, leaving not only Belgium, but also Wales ahead. The wards of Yaroslav Shilgava had a chance to qualify through the play-offs of the League of Nations, but they also fell into a puddle there, losing to the Swedes in the semi-finals.

11.1 Nations League Parlay: Dismal Southgate and Bright Hvicha
11.1 Nations League Parlay: Dismal Southgate and Bright Hvicha

In the new season of the League of Nations, the Czechs started successfully with a victory over Switzerland and a draw with the Spaniards, but very quickly deflated when it came time to play away matches with group favorites. Spain and Portugal beat the Czechs with the same score 2-0, leaving them no chance of success. Now the team is solving the problem of survival in the elite division.

Messi is thinking about returning to Barcelona.

The Portuguese significantly spoiled their chances of leaving the group, losing to the Swiss. Wards Fernando Santos did everything and even more to claim success in the last game, but the ball somehow mysteriously did not want to fly into the gates of Jonas Omlin. The goalkeeper worked wonders and had his first dry match for the national team.

Now the Portuguese are in the role of catching up. If they want to take the first line in the group, then they need to score more points than the Spaniards in the two remaining matches. Portugal usually performs well in the League of Nations. She won the first draw in the history of the tournament, however, she did not advance from the group the next season. The very powerful French interfered, who eventually became the winners. Scored by the Portuguese 13 points would be enough to win two of the four groups of the elite.

Spain - Switzerland.  Boring but effective.  Only Luis Enrique can do that.
Spain – Switzerland. Boring but effective. Only Luis Enrique can do that.

The current Portuguese national team is a real storehouse of talent. Now aged Cristiano is criticized by many for a weak game at the club, but this may be an extra motivation for him to shut the mouth of critics with a game for the national team. Even if Ronaldo doesn’t have a game, it’s not scary, because there are other equally talented players.

In Kyrgyzstan, before the match with Russia, they talked about the conflict.

Recently, Cristiano received an award, becoming the top scorer of the national teams. He scored 117 goals in 189 matches. Naturally, the forward commented on the prize, saying that he missed the awards. This trophy should cheer up the Portuguese and give confidence in the next match. Ronaldo remains in good shape and there is no doubt that he will be the main key to victory in the next meeting of the League of Nations. Now he is on emotions and must throw them out in the upcoming game.

Since the summer, the Czechs have finally switched to the 3-4-3 scheme, which Shilgavy began to play in connection with the restructuring and updating of the squad. The results so far are so-so, but the coach continues to stick to his line. The most experienced Kudela returned to defense, as his partners in recent matches were pretty pissed off. Patrick Schick, who missed the previous matches of the national team due to injury, also returned. Now Jan Kuchta, who has not yet scored a single goal in the new season, will have to sit on the bench.

Let’s see how such changes affect the game of the Czechs. Many of the players called by Shilgava are not in the best shape now. It is more than realistic to assemble a combat-ready main team from the application. There will even be those who can strengthen the game from the bench. The only problematic line is the defense. There are Zima and Tsoufal who consistently play at a high level, but the rest fall short of them.

Prediction and bets for the match of the 5th round of the League of Nations Czech Republic – Portugal on September 24, 2022

The Czech national team clearly sees the difference between home and away results. Two matches at home – four points, two away – zero points and zero goals scored. Apparently, the Portuguese in Prague should not hope for an easy ride. The Czech attack can be very dangerous for any opponent. Unfortunately for the hosts, the Portuguese are on a good run and look much more serious. Ronaldo and company will surely strain the Czech defense very much, which is the weak link. The Czechs have good chances for a goal, but it is unlikely that he will help them cling to points.

Bid: Portugal win and both teams to score in 4.00.

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