Darth Vader appeared in the series “Obi-Wan Kenobi” and struck with his cruelty

“I am who you made me.” Overview of the third series of “Obi-Wan Kenobi”

Mikhail Shevkun

Mikhail Shevkun

But it’s almost impossible to discuss without spoilers.

Briefly. The creators continue to develop the story so slowly that in the third episode everything looks like marking time. With the exception of a couple of great scenes, the series is rather disappointing. Let’s hope the remaining three episodes have something interesting in store.

It makes no sense to discuss the series without spoilers, so we will continue to talk about the events of the new episode.

The third seriesObi Wana Kenobi”we definitely waited, because that is where Darth Vader should fully appear. This was heavily hinted at at the end of the last episode.

The episode opens beautifully as we watch Anakin’s “assembly” while seeing Obi-Wan after the revelation that his Padawan and close friend is actually alive. Then, for some reason, we are shown a conversation between Vader and Reva, thanks to which we see the Sith in full dress for the first time.

Eee… we won’t see him again until the end of the episode.

In general, this can be said about the entire series: until the full appearance of Vader, history is marking time. Obi-Wan lashes out at Leia several times as she sees the world in a much more positive way than he does. At the same time, the Jedi himself has increased post-traumatic stress disorder. He already sees the ghosts of the past.

Pleasant moments can only be called a small dialogue about Leia’s mother and the childhood of Obi-Wan himself, as well as the mention of Quinlan Vos from The Clone Wars.

Obi-Wan sees Anakin

Obi-Wan sees Anakin

And then Darth Vader fully appears on the stage – and he, of course, takes all the attention to himself. This is a really cruel and uncompromising Sith, who easily kills civilians in an attempt to lure the right target. The few scenes with him surprise with their cruelty.

People are sitting in tears, hoping that Vader will just walk past them and not touch them. And the one who disobeyed will die in a second – the Sith will simply point his finger and break his neck.

The episode in the village with an attempt to figure out Obi-Wan turned out to be strong. However, a fight between former friends followed – and now it looked more like some kind of clowning. It is clear that the creators want to show the desire of the protagonist to avoid a direct battle with Vader, but it looks more like an episode from a comedy. The only thing missing is a song in the spirit of The Benny Hill Show.

And so in many ways: you realize what the creators of the series wanted to show, but for some reason they often do it very clumsily. As a result, for the idea, the rating is “5”, for the implementation – “3-“. This is about the entire series as a whole.

The sword fight itself also turned out to be unsightly – and it’s hard to understand whether it was such an idea or not. But in general, watching the fight is not so interesting. But the scene that followed, when Vader burned Obi-Wan’s body, thus beginning to avenge his injuries, is excellent.

What have you become?
I am who you made me.

However, in general, the series turned out to be empty. For most of the episode, nothing interesting happens, and the best scenes take much less time than we would like. There is still half of the season ahead – let’s hope that there the impressions will still become more positive.

Impressions of the series in one picture

Impressions of the series in one picture

And what about Reva, who infuriated almost everyone in the last two episodes? Yes, nothing: it is almost not in the series. She appears occasionally and behaves at least adequately. But she is still uninteresting to the viewer.

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