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Deleted not to be. Lukashenko will not be checked for COVID-19

Press Secretary of the President of Belarus Natalia Eismont confirmed that one of the players of the hockey team Alexander Lukashenko found a coronavirus, but he had no recent contacts with the leader of the republic.

Alexander Lukashenko
Alexander Lukashenko

Prior to this, information was circulated on Telegram channels that one of the players of the presidential hockey team, Dmitry Meleshko, tested positive for a new coronavirus infection.

“The player of the presidential hockey team, Dmitry Meleshko, was really hospitalized with a diagnosis of pneumonia. A positive test result for COVID-19 was obtained,” Aismont said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Commenting on the question whether the president of Belarus had recently had contact with an infected player, she replied in the negative.

“Dmitry fell ill about a week after the end of the amateur hockey championship of Belarus, when the whole team was on vacation,” assured Eismont.

Concerning whether he passed the test for coronavirus Lukashenko, the spokeswoman added that now this is not necessary.

“The president was not and will not go into isolation, udalenka and so on,” said Eismont.

The World Health Organization on March 11 announced an outbreak of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 with a pandemic.

According to the latest WHO data, more than 2.3 million cases of infection have been recorded in the world, over 157 thousand people have died. As of April 20, in Belarus, 6,264 thousand cases of COVID-19 were registered, 51 patients died.

Earlier, Sputnik radio reported that the American philosopher spoke about the new realities of the world.

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