Details of Sergey Bubka’s historical record in pole vault – Alps, wind, prize Ferrari

The brilliant Ukrainian broke the record and got a Ferrari. The last achievement of the great Bubka

Andrey Shitikhin

Andrey Shitikhin

Details of the historical record of Sergei Bubka

In 1994, in the Alps, he flew over the bar at a height of 6.14 m. For more than a quarter of a century, no one could jump higher.

28 years ago in the Italian town of Sestriere, the great Soviet and Ukrainian athlete Sergei Bubka set his 35th and last world record in the pole vault. He cleared the bar at a height of 6.14 m, which was a new achievement for outdoor stadiums. For this phenomenal jump, he received a cool gift from the main sponsor of the competition.

How many attempts did Bubka make then? What were the weather conditions like? What helped him jump so high?

Until 2000, the International Athletics Federation divided world records into those set in open and closed stadiums. And the same Bubka, who began breaking world records after he first became the world champion, in 1993 in Donetsk on the Stars of the Pole jumped 6.15 m. This was a world record for halls and if only then the new rules were in effect , and an absolute world record.

But then the records were considered separately, and therefore at a commercial start in the Italian town of Sestriere in the Alps at an altitude of about 2000 m above sea level, everyone was waiting for an attempt at a new world achievement from the 30-year-old Bubka. The brilliant athlete, whom many have already written down as pensioners and said that he would no longer beat new achievements, silenced all skeptics.

Although the very first jump at a warm-up height of 5.70 m for him, Bubka did not succeed. But on the second attempt, he overcame the initial height, then on the first attempt he jumped 5.90 m and guaranteed himself victory in the commercial tournament, and only then he ordered 6.14 m. Naturally, Bubka was motivated by the prize from the main sponsor of the competition – for the world record, the auto giant Ferrari promised a Testarossa sports model, which cost about $130,000.

Bubka overcame the bar on the first try with a very good margin.

“Perhaps the tailwind helped me, perhaps the height. In fact, I had ideal conditions for setting a record, thanks to the organizers. I can go higher. If I get in shape, as in 1991, I think I can swing at 6.20 m or even at 6.30 m, the record holder reasoned. “I corrected my mistakes and improved my technique.”

“This is the highlands, the Alps. The sector was equipped specifically for him. It is not clear how it met the standards in terms of performance. The stadium is located in the gorge, there is always a very strong tailwind. I would not call these conditions uncomfortable for Bubka, ”Radon Gataullin, silver medalist of the 1988 Olympics, explained Bubka’s record jump.

Sergei Bubka

Sergei Bubka

Photo: RIA Novosti

Representatives of Ferrari fulfilled their promise and immediately handed Bubka a car, on which the Ukrainian athlete made a lap of honor. According to various sources, in addition to the car, the record holder was also given a check for $120,000.

But Bubka could no longer jump higher – he was injured too often. Although, after his record, he also won gold medals at the 1995 and 1997 World Championships.

The record of the great Ukrainian in open stadiums lasted 26 years – until September 17, 2020, when Swede Armand Duplantis overcame the bar at a height of 6.15 m at the Diamond League stage in Rome. -m, in Donetsk in the hall jumping 6.16 m.

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